Department of Tourism

Department of Tourism

Dept. of Tourism started in 2009 June. Till 2015,the course name was B.T.S (Bachelor of Tourism Studies). In 2016 the course was renamed as B.T.T.M (Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management).

    A degree programme in Tourism raises an opportunity for many students to select tourism as their career. This would definitely raise good manpower, entrepreneurs and researchers which are essential for the sustainable development of tourism. The Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management (hereafter BTTM) programme of Mahatma Gandhi University has been designed to bridge the gap of availability of trained manpower for the Tourism industry.
    The broad objective of the programme is to create professional managers, leaders and researchers in the tourism/hospitality industry. Specific objectives of the programme include:
  • To get a thorough understanding of the components of tourism industry and to acquire knowledge and information pertaining to tourism industry.
  • To help students acquire practical skills in all the major arenas of the industry.
  • To orient and equip students with Information Technology skills of the age.
  • To equip students with managerial skills and help in entrepreneurial development.
  • To develop hospitality culture and behaviour and to enhance student competencies.

  • After successful completion of the programme, the students should be competent to work in tour operation companies, travel agencies, Travel departments of corporate firms, Hospitality sector, Airlines, Cruise ships, Transport operators, Government agencies, Academics, Research, Consultancies, NGOs etc. Above all, the programme encourages entrepreneurship also

Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management.

1. Certificate Course in French Language.

2. ADGOM(Advanced Diploma in Ground Operation Management)