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Department of Biotechnology was established in the year 2004 on July 3rd. The perspective of the Biotechnology is the use of technology in the living system for the betterment of all living organism by carrying out research work backed up with a strong theory foundation. Biotechnology covers almost all areas of life science, via, Microbiology, Bio-Chemistry, Bio-Physics, Bio-Statistics, Enzymology, Bio-Informatics and the other allied subjects. Biotechnology lab studded with Tissue culture lab is the highlight of this course offered by Al-Ameen College.

Graduates will gain and apply knowledge of biotechnology, science and concepts to solve problems related to field of biotechnology.

Graduates will able to justify societal, health safety and legal issues and understand his responsibilities in biotechnological practices.

Graduates will be able to understand the need and impact of biotechnological solutions on environment and societal context keeping in view need for sustainable solutions.

Graduates will have knowledge and understanding of related norms and ethics in biotechnology product/technique development.

The program will provide a platform for understanding basic life science along with advanced topics and recent innovations in biotechnology. The programe goes around various disciplines like Microbiology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Molecular biology, Genetics, rDNA technology etc which is essential to explore the future areas of research. This will make the students more competent in theoretical as well as practical aspects of the subject.

The interdisciplinary nature of the subjects carries multiple options for developing innovative ideas in upper divisional studies of biology.

Graduates will be able to design and develop solutions to biotechnology problems by applying appropriate tools while keeping in mind safety factor for environment and the society

Design an experiment with step-by-step instructions to address a research problem.

Students will be able to provide examples of current applications of biotechnology and advances in the different areas like medical, microbial, environmental, bioremediation, agricultural, plant, animal, and forensic.

Students will be able to provide examples on how to use microbes and mammalian cells for the production of pharmaceutical product.

Students will be able to explain the general principles of generating transgenic plants, animals and microbes.

• BSc Biotechnology Model III- Self Financing

•Medical Coding, Sterilization Course.

Name Designation
Rahimol Ramesh Assistant Professor & HOD on Contract
Alphy Nisa Stephen Assistant Professor on Contract
Dr. Dhanya V Assistant Professor on Contract
Shafila P.S Assistant Professor on Contract
Sanooja M.S Assistant Professor on Contract
Ms. Thasni K.K Assistant Professor on Contract

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