Department of Economics

Department Of Economics

The Department of Economics commenced in 1981 under the leadership of eminent facultyProf. RethinaRaju as a part of Pre Degree Course.In 1998 the department upgraded to Under Graduate department withB A Economics (Model II - Insurance).Department became full fledged with the appointment of three permanent teachers in 2011.

Students will be able to possess a strong and liberal foundation in Arts and an understanding of how developments in social and intellectual history shape and affect human values and institutions.

Students will get an opportunity to understand human behavior and to apply wide range of methods in the social sciences to solve individual and social problems.

Students will be able to make value judgments and evaluate how theories and models can be used to benefit society.

To impart quality education through a wider exposure to Indian economy through Insurance sector.

To train students to analyze concrete problems with the help of conceptual frames, theoretical insights and mathematical, statistical and econometric tools along with computer applications in Insurance Industry.

To make Department of Economics as one of the leading centre of learning Economics in general and centre of Insurance Studies in specific in the country.

• BA Economics(Vocational)Model II

•Fundamentals Of Insurance

•Banking And Insurance

Name Designation
Dr.Shaniba M .H Assistant Professor& HOD
Dr.Abdul Hakkeem P.M Assistant Professor
Kala N Assistant Professor

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