Department of English

Department Of English

The Department of English was only a service department imparting classes for Part-1 of other degree programs since the establishment of the college.It became a full fledged department in 2009, when B A degree program in English Literature and Communication studies was established under self financing stream

After the completion of the degree program in ENGLISH LITERATURE AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES (MODEL III, Double Main course) students will be able to:

Accurately and precisely communicate– both in speaking and writing – in a variety of contexts and genres.

Demonstrate a thorough command of English and its linguistic structures.

Recognize and comprehend different varieties of English.

Equip students with analytical skills in linguistics, communications and literary criticism.

On successful completion, students will be able to:

Analyze oral and written discourse of various genres with regard to social, cultural, political, and historical contexts.

Analyze the structure and evolution of English words and texts from the point of view of morphology, phonology, grammar, syntax and semantics.

Apply theoretical frameworks to analyze media and other forms of public discourse.

Identify and describe the nature and function of language as a human attribute, including language acquisition, language and society, language and culture, language and thought.

• BA Communicative English Model III

•Basic Directions Towards Print Media And Journalism

•Certificate Course For DTP

Name Designation
Dr.Sajin P J Assistant Professor & HOD
Chitaranjan K.V(Retd.) Assistant Professor & HOD
Aiswarya Pushpakaran Assistant Professor on Contract
Arun P. Nair Assistant Professor on Contract
Viju P V Assistant Professor on Contract
Dr. Pratheesh Peter Assistant Professor on Contract
Nisha Rajendran Assistant Professor on Contract
Midhun Joshua Varghese Assistant Professor on Contract

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