Women Cell

Empowering women of the college is the objective of the Women Cell of our college. The Women Cell encourages participation of girl students in various activities thus aims overall development of the women students in the college.


Women Cell Activity Pictures

Interaction Program for Students with MALU SHEIKHA On 07.11.2017
Women cell conducted an interaction program for the students on 7.11.2017.The Jwala award winner Ms.Malu sheika interacted with the students. She spoke about the hurdles that she had gone through in her life and how she overcame all these hardships .The students were so inspired from the life story of Malu Sheika. This programme was a platform for them to interact the students with a different personality of their age and they expressed their anxieties and doubts about the future. She told the students to prepare themselves for a self sufficient future.
The Women’s Cell, Al Ameen College,Edathala, organised a seminar on ‘Equality Vs Difference: Feminist Perspectives’ at the college on 6.11.2017.Noted activist and freelance Journalist Smt.Shahina Nafeesa presented the subject. The presentation of Smt. Shahina ,focussed on the practical background of the subject.Though there is the possibility of treating women as essentially one category, the seminar discussed how the various streams of society suppressed the importance of this equality
Women cell of Al-ameen college, Edathala organised a self defence workshop for girls-“Shield” on 29/08/2016 at Seminar Hall. The Work shop was handled by Trainers of JCI Mr.Kishore Kumar , Mr.Taji Joseph . A group of 48 students were attended the workshop.
Women cell of Al-Ameen College, Edathala organised a self defence workshop for girls-“shield” on 29/08/2016 at Seminar Hall. The Work shop was handled by Trainers of JCI Mr. Kishore Kumar, Mr.Taji Joseph. A group of 48 students were attended.
A group of 20 members of women cell gathered at the portico of our college, and perform a dance programme which spreads the message of "STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN".
The Women cell, Al-Ameen College, Edathala, conducted a seminar for girl students on the topic "Science of Love " on 14/03/2016 at our seminar hall. The objective of this programme was to boost up the students awareness about the Psychological aspect of love related to women. Dr.Sr.Ruby CTC (Ph.D in Counseling Psychology) was the resource person.
Women Cell of , Al-Ameen College, Edathala, celebrated international women’s day. Student representative of women cell handed over the a pamphlet with images of women with eminent personalities.
A collage Competition is conducted by Women's Cell of our college on 29/01/2016 to protect the interests of women in our society, a great enthusiasm was seen supporting this fact when students turned in great numbers to participate in the Collage competition .Club members of our college participated slipakar-2016 conducted by St. Xavier’s college,Aluva and win third position for the event (Best of waste).
Skill Development Training Programme Held on 07/12/2015
WOMENS CELL was organized A FABRIC PAINTING CUM HAND EMBROIDERY CLASS for women’s on 07/12/2015 in Al-Ameen College. The Training Programme programme also provided a platform to express and enhance the creativity of students. The programme was handled by Ajali Prabakar iMago boutique who is an Expert in fashion designing and handling Skill Development Classes. A group of 40 students were attended
Awareness on "Importance of inner beauty and outer fitness" Held on 05/03/2015
The science of inner beauty is of great significance now like ever before. Today we are very advanced in science and technology, but we lack peace and harmony. So it is very important that we develop on inner awareness so that we would experience every other being as part of ourselves. In connection with International Women’s Day, the Women’s Cell of Al-Ameen College, Edathala has Organized a programme for the undergraduate students on 05.03.2015 to create an importance of inner beauty and outer fitness. Inaugurating the programme, which was convened in the College Auditorium Principal, Prof. Abdul Karim said that yoga and meditation would prepare one’s body and mind towards spiritual journey. Mrs. Bincy Saju, Beauty Therapist explained the interconnections between the physical parts of our body and the way in which one can maintain the subtle harmony between them. She also demonstrated the way in which one can present oneself neatly with one’s own personality. She had appealed on homemade beauty tips and therapies which help to create a balance of mind in a nature way.
On 21st February 2015, the Women Cell of the college in collaboration with the Women Cell organized a workshop on Self Esteem and Self defense for the girl students of the college in the auditorium. The chief guest of the workshop was BABITHA VARGHESE who has undergone training in Karate. In her address to the students, she said that, nowadays women have equal participation in every sector and are walking in par with men with dignity however; their security is a matter of great concern. She laid emphasis on the importance of self defense. She said self defense would help women tackle an unusual situation independently. She also interacted with the students and answered their queries and gave them solutions to overcome their day to day problems which they face as girls. She also gave tips on self defense to the participants. It was a very fruitful session for the students and they participated in the workshop with great enthusiasm.
Skill Development Training Programme Held on 18/10/2014
A sewing school is a center where people can learn various sewing skills, be it construction of garments or making home décor items, or making fashion accessories or embellishing an existing garment. These schools can provide sewing skills that can be utilized for personal use at home, or for income generation through making clothing, home décor and design oriented products for others teaching learned sewing skills to others.
To enhance this vision a Skill Development Training Programme in connection with WOMENS CELL was organized by PAMS- a sewing school from14.10.2014 to 28.10.2014 in Al-Ameen College. This training programme helped the students to learn theory and basics of drafting, cutting and sewing of their own garments. It also provided a platform to express and enhance the creativity of students. A group of 20 students possessing sewing skills were selected from the 4 aided departments of our college and the time allotted was 2 hours after the regular working hours. A 5 hour class was arranged on Saturday (18.10.2014) It also provided an opportunity for students to express and enhance their creativity along with a medium to earn livelihoods. These programmes offer a viable vocational option too. This Training Programme aims at enhancing an individual's creativity and was an attempt at making sewing a part of one's lifestyle. It shows how dress materials can now be made using one's own creativity, adding a personal touch to the attire.
Seminar on "WOMEN AND CHILD PROTECTION"Held On 29/11/2013
The Women cell in association with Language association, Al-Ameen College, Edathala, conducted a seminar for students of various streams in the college and members of kudumbasree unit, Edathala Gramapanchayath on the topic "WOMEN AND CHILD PROTECTION" on 29/11/2013 at our seminar hall. Dr. Leji Latheef, convenor, Women cell, welcomed the gathering. The presidential address was given by Prof. Abdul Kareem, Principal, AL-Ameen College, Edathala. The objective of this programme was to give awareness to the people about the dangers of child abuse. Mrs. Nisha Jeby, Senior correspondent, Manorama News was the resource person. She explained the diverse types of crime faced by our children. She also elucidated the responsibility of the public to eliminate the child abuse. About 100 students attended the class. The feedback from students indicated that they got much awareness regarding the dangers of child exploitation. Dr. Angel C. John, member, Language Association, delivered vote of thanks. The programme was concluded with national anthem.
Inauguration of Women cell (2013-2014)
The women cell of our college for the academic year was reconstituted on August 13, 2013 with five executive committee members with Naseera (III BCom Taxation) as convenor and Mancy (III BCom Taxation) as the secretary. Inauguration of the activities of Women cell of the academic year 2013-2014 was held on 11th September 2013 by Adv. Rekha C. Nair of Kerala High Court.
The Women cell, Al-Ameen College, Edathala, conducted a seminar for girl students on the topic "WOMEN AND LAW" on 11/09/2013 at our seminar hall. The objective of this programme was to boost up the student’s awareness about the legal aspects related to women. Adv. Rekha C. Nair, Kerala High court was the resource person.
Debate On "Delhi Issue, Nirbhaya" On 18/01/2013
The Women’s’ Cell of the College conducted a debate on the topic – Delhi issue, Nirbhaya - at the seminar hall.
Onam Day Celebrations On 23/08/2012
The Women’s cell arranged variety competitions and other entertainment in connection with Onam celebrations
Mehandi Competition On 17/08/2012
Women cell conducted a Mahendi Competition on 17th August 2012 at 1 Pm at the seminar hall. 23 teams participated in the program. Asia beegum got 1st prize, Manjima Murugan of 1st BA got 2nd prize and 3rd Prize is shared by Hasanth Nisa of 2nd BA English and Bismi Mol of 2nd Physics.
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Nature Club

The Al-Ameen Nature Club is prominently engaged in spreading environmental consciousness amongst out students. The primary concerns about preserving forests and reaping all the benefits of a waste and pollution free planet are brought home to the up-coming generation through a non-formal pro-action system of imparting environmental education.

As a starting point, the trees in this verdant campus have been tagged with their botanical names. The planting of trees is encouraged and thus a general awareness of this fundamental necessary is brought home to the students. A lot of saplings are brought for this purpose from the forest department each year and frequently students as well as the staff are also given the opportunity to plant these at home. The college also has a medicinal herb garden which brings the age-old knowledge of the properties of these plants to the younger generation who might not ever have had the chance to see them.

The Nature Club is deeply concerned with anti-pollution and waste management programmes. The campus was activated on the misuse of plastic through student participatory programmes. Waste management, as well as the importance of rain harvesting is also a vivid concern of the Nature Club.

The Nature Club is closely associated with the social forestry club in its varied activities. The programmes of the club include seminars, guest lectures, film shows, poster exhibitions, and nature study camps.


Nature Club Activity Pictures

Energy Conservation Day Held On 14/12/2017
Energy Conservation Day-Dec- 14 Nature club of Al-Ameen College organised a walkathon, as part of national energy conservation day in association with energy management centre ,Kerala ,ANERT and ponnakkudam family trust on 14/12/2017. National energy conservation day in India is celebrated to aware people about the importance of energy as well as saving or conserving the more energy by using less energy. The inaugural ceremony was held in the mini seminar hall was presided by Dr.Anita Nair(Principal Al-Ameen College Edathala).Sri Eloor Gopinath(Resource person ,EMC) and Sri P K Ramachandran (Programme coordinator )delivered a speech regarding conservation of energy in various sectors.Mr V S Aboobacker (vice president edathala grama panchayath)flagged off the rally in which nearly 70 students were participated .A demo was also shown to the public regarding the energy conservation by the use of solar energy
Uravu-2017 On 12/11/2017
The nature club of Al-Anmeen College conducted a programme Uravu -2017- A training and exhibition of Stars and other handmade bamboo products.This programme was conducted to spread awareness about the usage of natural product to substitute and their by reduce the conception of plastic items in the day today life. Two experts gave a training session to the students regarding the making of various products including Christmas star. Several students showed keen interest in this activity. The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr.Junaid Rahman(Manager Al- Ameen College ,Edathala) at the college campus on 12/11/2017
Power Quiz -2017 Held On 25.10.2017
Power Quiz -2017 The nature club of Al-Anmeen College conducted a programme “Power Quiz - 2017” in association with KSEB officers Association on 25 th October 2017 in the seminar hall. This programme was conducted among the students with the aim to spread awareness about the energy sector. The programme was presided by Prof.M B Sasidharan (vice principal Al-Ameen College edathala).The inaugural speech was given by Mr.Sajan Mathew(Assistant Engineer KSEB Aluva). There were75 Participants from various department ,who actively participate in the competition. The winners are Ramzal Siddique(III BBA) and Fathima (I BCom Tax).The prizes were distributed by by Prof.M B sasidharan((vice principal Al-Ameen College edathala) for the winners and all other participants.
The Nature club, Al-Ameen College, Edathala, celebrated World Food Day on 16/10/2015. The theme of 2015 World Food Day is “social protection and agriculture: breaking the cycle of rural poverty”. World Food Day is a day of action against hunger. To raise awareness about hunger challenges and encourage students to take action in the fight against hunger, we organised a very successful traditional” Kappa Fest”. Our fest is filled with variety of foods with tapioca which are prepared by our students. This provides platform to imbibe team work among students. The Kappa Fest was declared open by Principal Dr.Anitha Nair and the staff and students taste the delicious Kappa foods.
An awareness event to promote mangrove ecosystem and their importance to its coastal environment, Nature club organised a study trip to bird sanctuary Mangalavanam. About 45 students visited the Mangalavanam and a seminar delivered by Nithin was the Project Assistance at Agriculture University who described about the importance of conservation of mangroves and the main species of animals, birds, and trees found in Mangroves. During the visit, the students gained valuable information on the role of mangroves in protection against coastal erosion. They were seen bats, birds and different mangrove trees during their 20 minutes walk around the Mangalavanam.
An Environment Pledge was done by the Nature club on the occasion of the Environmental Day.
Nature Club, Al- Ameen College, Edathala along with TIES (Tropical Institute Of Ecological Sciences) started a CNPI programme on 23/10/2014. The inauguration and first session of the training was conducted on 23rd October, 2014. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. K.Vanaga (Professor, Department of Hindi, CUSAT). In her inaugural address she pointed out the role of student community towards preservation nature and its resources. Prof. Abdul Karim (Principal, Al- Ameen College, Edathala) delivered the presidential address. The first training session was delivered by Dr. Punnen Kurian (President, TIES) who provided the students the details for conducting the survey of Bio diversity aspect in Al- Ameen College. He also emphasized on the importance of preserving water and electric resources. It is a mutually benefitting research cum – extension project o f TIES involving students and faculty of affiliated colleges in India. CNPI is basically a student capacity building programme, equipping them to meet challenges and to evolve a socially and environmentally responsible society.
As part of creating an awareness of nature and its resources among students, the Nature club co ordinators organized a one day Nature Camp at Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary on 20/11/2014. The camp was started with a seminar by Mr. M.I. Varghese (Retd. IFS). He emphasized on preserving Mangrove Forest and also explained the reasons behind the disappearance of Thumba, crocodiles etc. He also narrated about green houses gases and how it influence on human existence.
The Nature Club , Al- Ameen College, Edathala, celebrated world Environment Day which was on June 5th , 2014in a very befitting manner . The teaching staff of Al- Ameen College, Edathala whole heartedly came together and planted herbal plants inside the campus . After that a few plants were distributed to the student co – ordinators of Nature Club by the Principal. The Nature Club Co-ordinators assigned a few students to participate in a Competition conducted on World Environment Day organized by Canopy Nature Club of MES College, Marampilly same college. Aswathy Satheesan , II M.Com Student , won the first prize (Rs. 2000) for Poster Designing .
Poster / Slogan Competition Held On 07/03/2014
Nature club organized a poster /slogan competition on 07/03/2014. The concept given was "DANGERS OF PLASTIC TO HUMANITY".
Go Green Project
Nature club Participated in the "Go Green Project" cleaning and planting tree saplings on two sides of NH road at Nedumbassery Grama Panchayath by a non-voluntary organization on 21/12/13
Nature Camp at Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary on 04/12/2013
Nature club organised a nature camp in association with Kerala Forest and Wildlife Department on 04/12/2013 at Mangalavanam bird sanctuary, Ernakulum. 52 students attended the one day nature camp, along with two teaching faculties-Mrs Kala.N, and Mrs Regeena .K.P.The camp consist of a seminar led by M.I. VARGHESE, I.F.S. (retd) who talked about the biodiversity spots in Kerala and the importance of preserving the western Ghats . The migratory and resident birds in the sanctuary and the bird watching tower excited the participants.
Nature club organised a Seminar on THE LAST OF THE SPARROWS on 05/07/2013 at the seminar hall of our college.It was an interesting talk on the preservation of the habitat of house sparrows The resource person of the seminar is Dr. DILIP.K.G, a faculty of the Department of Sociology, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady.He is a renowned bird observer and is specialised in Environmental Sociology.
A Pamphlet also had been distributed in the campus to create awareness among students regarding the importance of observing vanamahotsavam.
Nature Club observed the first week of July 2013(1-7) as VANAMAHOTSAVAM in the college campus. As part of the celebration, each department planted tree saplings in the campus to make it green.
Seminar On Role Of India In Global Warming & Quiz Competition On Nature Held On 10/04/2013
Nature Club conducted a Quiz competition on 10/04/2013. Prof.Vineetha, Department of Mathematics adorned the role of quiz master. The students were grouped in to two-group A and group B, each team comprising 5 students. Team B won the competition and the members of the winning team are Ramcy.P.A, Nasrin.P.A, Ayisha Beevi, Majitha Moidu and Reneesha.K.N. The competition seems to be a good medium in imparting knowledge for the students. A healthy competition always enhances the personality of a person.Overall ,it is a pleasant experience for the students.

Nature Club organised a Seminar on the topic "Role of India in global warming".Only students of first years were engaged for the programme. The seminar was chaired by Prof. Kala.N, Convener of Nature Club. She gave a good introduction on global warming and the position now India adorns in the problem. Prof.Vineetha welcomed the audience. Prof.Shaniba.M.H, was the resource person. She talked about the mighty global warming. She stressed the negative impact of global warming and the necessity to reduce it. Also phenomenon such as greenhouse effect and also about green house gases. The Seminar created basic awareness for students on the subject.
Nature club organised a survey on the topic "Awareness on environment and nature" during the month of March 2013. For this, questionnaire has been prepared and the responses of faculties and students were sought. Majority responded to it in a positive way. Tabulation of survey ascertained that all are having an impression that we are not doing anything to save our mother earth. They are also aware of their follies in protecting environment. This questionnaire created awareness in their mind that it is our prime responsibility to do something to protect our planet. They now pledge that they will not do anything to harm our nature.
Essay Competition On "Dangers of plastic of the environment" On 07/02/2013
Nature Club conducted an essay competition on “ Dangers of plastic of the environment” on both mother tongue and English. A good number of students participated in the competition. Three essays were adjudged as the best ones. Winners get trophies. Overall, the responses of the students are overwhelming and it inculcates a great spirit in the minds of the green cadets.
The Nature club conducted an exhibition of paintings of Nature on 07/02/2013 .Paintings include both color paintings and sketches. It is a wonder to know the inborn talents of our children,The quality and creativity of the paintings on nature amazed us .
Workshop On "Hazards Of Plastics" On 18/12/2012
The Nature Club of the college conducted a practical class on "Paper Bag, Paper File and Paper Envelope making" to create awareness on the dangers of plastic among students of our college.
Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration On 02/10/2012
Gandhi Jayanthi has been observed elegantly in our college by taking a decision to mark our college as plastic free campus in association with the NSS and NCC.
Independence Day Celebration On 15/08/2013
Independence Day has been celebrated in an enthusiastic manner by planting saplings provided by Social Forestry Department in our campus gaily. The Programme was clubbed with the Independence Day celebrations of our college
Meeting for Students Enrollment To Nature Club On 24/07/2013
A meeting has been convened on 24/07/2012 in the seminar hall to formally induct students in the nature club 2012-13.The student’s enrollment to nature club has been done successfully with the participation of 59 members. It is decided to call our activists as “GREEN CADETS” and adopting a formal name for the Nature Club as “THALIR”.
World Environment Day Celebration On 06/05/2012
World Environment Day was celebrated under the joint auspices of the Nature Club, NSS and NCC. Prof.Gopalakrishna Moorthi was the chief guest. He repeatedly remained as about the gift of nature-tress and tressed on its protection for the survival of humankind. The meeting was presided over by our principal Prof K.M Abdul Karim.A seminar has been co-ordinated on the same day in association with NSS and NCC of our college.
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Counselling Cell

Counselling Cell is where students can confide and analyse their problems.The counselling unit of Al-Ameen college has appointed Smt.M. Revamma M.S.W, psychiatric social worker, retired from Government health service as our counsellor. She is visiting our college twice in a week. She interacted with the girls students and boys students separetly. And is providing personal counsellings regularly to the needy students


Counselling Cell Activity Pictures

Counseling cell organized an orientation programme for the newly admitted degree students at the institute auditorium on 11 August 2016. The major objective of the programme was to make the students aware of the academic aspects of the course, the rules and regulations of the Institute. Mr. Vinay Krishna, certified trainer (future wings) was the resources person said that it was not the events but the attitude that caused success.. He also stressed the importance of dedication to one’s profession and the need to have proper planning before taking up and implementing any project. the class was more informative, it was very helpful.
New Student Orientation isn't just for students. Our staff and the external resources person are here to provide transitional resources to the parents and families of new entering students as your family goes through the college transition together. Having a son or daughter beginning college or transferring from one school to another is simultaneously exciting and stressful, and, due to its size, navigating the University/college may seem daunting. The Parent and Family Orientation Program is an intensive one-day program designed to answer your administrative, academic, and transition questions. We will provide you with presentations and information to prepare you for the college experiences that you and your son or daughter are about to begin. The program has a conference style format. This relaxed setting allows you not only to get specific and accurate information about campus services and resources; it gives you the chance to meet other parents who are experiencing similar transitions within their families. The program also provides you with contacts, real people at the college, who can help if you have a question to ask, a concern to share, or maybe a compliment to make. The more you know about the academic resources and services available to your son or daughter, the better prepared you will be to ask the "right" questions or provide the most helpful answers in the future. An orientation class for parents was organized by counseling cell on 27th July 2016.The resources person of the programme was Mr.Joby Joseph, state level co-ordinator of action council. The class was very interesting and informative. From their feedback we can understand that this was very helpful to know more about college, and peculiarities of this age especially teenage etc.
The Counselling Cell organized a talk on “Academic Academic Excellence in a Selfie World” for the first year students on 09th November , 2015 in the auditorium .The resource person of the day was Mr.Reji Jacob , managing director AFFERM. The programme was conducted with the objective to provide an awareness about the importance of academic excellence in the sefie world. The programme was presided by Dr.Anita Nair, Principal, Al-Ameen College, Edathala. Mrs Rajeena K.B. , member Counselling Cell welcomed the gathering. The resource person started the session with a fun description about “selfie”. He says that in this current scenario, selfie become more influential part in everyone’s life. It is a motivative technique that shows people become more self reliant and independent to, he also pointed out that mobile phones become more addictive in youth’s mind than drugs. He said that social media help the youth a lot in their personnel development and studies.” All coins have double side”, however the social media have bad impact on the society .He discussed the influence of social media and mobile phone in the modern society. Apart from the older generation, youth are not interested in exposing their skills, they become ever confident that everything can achieve with a single touch and they are not bothered about what the world says. He conveys his messages and opinions visually to attain a friendly interaction with students. And also in the interaction section, he conducted a mental game of reading and presented a gift to the winner. He concluded the presentation by focusing mainly on the academic improvement of the students. He point out his views by sharing the experience of eminent personalities. He also conveys several tips to achieve the peak of success. He concluded his presentation by highlighting that we have to face any challenge with self confidence. The programme ended with the vote of thanks by Mr. Basil Paul Chummar, Student 1st B.com Taxation.
The counselling Cell of Al-Ameen College Edathala, conducted an interaction of girls students with the counsellor smt.M.Revamma on 28-07-15 at 2.00 p.m in the seminar hall. The objective of the programme was to familiarize the students with our college counsellor smt. Revamma. She provided an induction to the first year students to acquaint themselves with the new atmosphere in the college. She shared her real life experience to the students . She pointed out the evil effects of various social medias . It was an interactive session were students are allowed to clear their doubts and views.
The Counselling cell of Al-Ameen college, Edathala organized a session based on "Character Moulding" for the second year and final year students on 18-06-15 in the college auditorium. The programme was presided by Dr. Anitha Nair , Principal, Al-Ameen College, Edathala. The session was handled by Mr.Reji Jacob, Managing Director of AFFERM. He started the class interestingly, asking the students to discover the hidden names behind pictures that appeared on the screen. He pointed out the ugly truths of the youth, that eventually leading to a generation of ignorance. He also made the students aware of the fact that the values are being destroyed because of the blindly followed habits of today’s youth. The problems and ill-effects of youth suffering from such drawbacks were explained to students with examples of the lives of those who consulted him ( without revealing their identities ) .The class was in such a way that it captured the attention of all the students present there, right from the beginning to the end. It was an eye-opener for the students to fight against the dangers of smoking, consumption of alcohol and drugs, and blind love affairs. The programme ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Prof. Deepa.S. (Faculty, Department of Malayalam)
Anti Drug cell and Counseling cell conducted an awareness programme on 18th June 2015. In this programme all the college students participated. Sri Bhuvana Chandran (Excise Inspector, Aluva) had given an lecture on Anti Drug.
The Counselling Cell organized an orientation for the first year students of Al-Ameen College, Edathala on 16th October, 2014 in the seminar hall . The programme was conducted with the objective to provide an induction to the first year students to acquaint themselves with the new atmosphere in the college. The programme was presided by Prof. K.M. Abdul Kareem, Principal, Al-Ameen College, Edathala . The convenor Shahanoor Beegum. welcomed the gathering. The Resource person of the programme was, Dr .T.O. Paulose Former H.O.D. Rajagiri College of Social Science. The first topic discussed is about triple blessing-the blessings of the mother, father, and teachers. Then he told about the rule of touch – there should be a respectable distance between opposite genders . Next topic was about how we accept things .It was an interactive session where the students were provided a wide sphere of behavioural prospects of present society. The students were able to express their view points and were highly motivated with the session and their positive response and enthusiasm was highlighted from their feed back. To make the class interesting, he started the class with a song and concluded the class with the same song. Overall orientation was indeed an interesting, thought provoking and motivating one.
Doccumentary show Abortion vs Ambition on 24-09-2014
A show on a doccumentary Abortion vs Ambition is shown to the girls students on 24-09-14 at the seminar hall and given awareness to them by our counsellor Smt.M.Revamma . And also an interaction session was conducted to discuss the theme and to clarify their doubts.
Various Gynac problems faced by youth On 06/02/2014
The Counselling Cell organized a seminar for the girl students of Al-Ameen College, Edathala on 6th February 2014 on the topic "Various gynac problems faced by youth" at the seminar hall. The programme was conducted with the objective to provide an awareness among girls regarding various gynac issues. The programme was presided by Prof. K.M. Abdul Kareem, Principal, Al-Ameen College, Edathala. The convenor Prof.Shahanoor Beegum welcomed the gathering. The Resource person of the programme was Dr. Soumya Thomas, Gynacologist Carmel Hospital, Aluva. The resource person presented the topic through slide shows. She explained various problems ,changes and the precautions to be taken from the childhood to adolescence. It was an interactive session where the students were provided an opportunity to clarify their doubts.
Orientation for the first year students on 12/07/2013
The Counselling Cell organized an orientation for the first year students of Al-Ameen College, Edathala on 12th July,2013 at College Auditorium . The programme was conducted with the objective to provide an induction to the first year students to acquaint themselves with the new atmosphere in the college. The programme was presided by Prof. K.M. Abdul Kareem, Principal, Al-Ameen College, Edathala. The Resource person of the programme was Rev.Prof.Thomas John, Former H.O.D. of Psychology Department, U.C. College, Aluva. Prof. Thomas John addressed the gathering as "Young Adult Students". It was an interactive session where the students were provided a wide sphere of behavioral prospects of present society. The students were made aware about their general rules, regulations and code of conduct in the college and also informed them about the anti ragging measures taken by the college Teaching and Management staff. The students were highly motivated with the session and their positive response and enthusiasm was highlighted from their feed back.
Seminar On "Reducing Stress During Examination" On 22/03/2013
The counseling cell conducted a seminar on reducing stress during exam time.Principal Prof. Abdul karim presided the function, gave a brief introduction regarding the relevance of counseling in current scenario. The Resource person of the seminar was Prof Justin Joseph, research scholar in Psychology (Sree Sankara University, Kalady).
Seminar On "Life Skill Development" On 21/01/2013
The Counseling Cell Conducted a seminar on "Life Skill Development" by Kavitha N.Kareen ( Lecturer, National College for Teacher Education) on 21st January 2013 for the P.G Students.
Counselling On Girls Hostel On 09/01/2013
The Counseling Cell of our college, headed by Smt. Leena Varghese and Smt. Shamila N.A. visited the girl’s hostel as per the request of the warden to counsel students on certain problems.
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Career Guidance Cell / Placement Cell

Career Guidance Cell / Placement Cell is to assist students to find suitable placements for on the job training, by conducting various sessions & seminars that inform them of opportunities before them.


Career Guidance Cell / Placement Cell Activity Pictures

UNIQUE, a career guidance private agency conducted an awareness programme on career opportunities for the students on 05/01/2016 from 3 PM to 4.15 PM .The class was conducted exclusively for the final year under graduate students of B.Com Tax and B.A.Economics. The class was conducted by Aswin, a senior consultant of this carrier organisation. He made students aware of different professional courses available at Kerala as well as at foreign countries on the subject related to the above courses. He also commented about the fee structure of the courses and the job opportunities available for the students at the local level and also at national and international level.
LEADERSHIP CAMP held on 03/12/2015
Leadership is one of those things that's often awfully hard to define but you know when you see it, and you definitely know when it's missing. Leadership Camp always help the students to develop leadership potential, to enrich personalities, to create an awareness of citizenship responsibilities and to develop a desire to become involved in those programs and projects which help to build a better world. The placement cell of Al-Ameen College cell organized LEADERSHIP CAMP for interested final year students on 03.12.2015 at Mini seminar hall by the faculty members of Guruvayoorappan institute of management. Coimbatore. Prof. Asok Kumar spoke on the how to be a good leader and the qualities required to become a good leader. Prof. Krishnanunni focused on leadership traits like emotional stability, dominance, enthusiasm, social boldness, tough – mindedness, self assurance etc. and helps the students to differentiate between a manager and leader. Concludingly the concept evolved as a result of this camp organized by Prof. Daly K R is that leaders are larger than life in many ways. Personal traits play a major role in determining who will and who will not be comfortable leading others. However, it's important to remember that people are forever learning and changing.
The Placement Cell functioning in Al Ameen College, Edathala is entrusted with the responsibility of guiding students for placement in credible organization. This cell also organize seminars, group discussions, and mock interviews as a part of career guidance and personality development. The Cell has modern infrastructure facilities for receiving various companies in the campus. The cell organized ONE DAY PLACEMENT TRAINING PROGRAMME for all the final year students on 30.11.2015 at seminar hall by the faculty members of M E S College, Marampally. Dr. Srikanth, HOD of Marketing laid importance on positive thinking, practice, knowledge and talking to other people which were useful ways to help improve or boost confidence levels of students. Dr. Sudeep P. HOD of IT started on with Group interviews which take place with a whole bunch of people in a room and that It can feel intimidating and quite competitive, which can lead to an increase in nervousness. Prof Preetha Menon and Prof. Suma explained about the procedures followed in a job process. The informative and inspiring session which was under the Co-ordinatorship of Prof.Daly K R ended at 4 O’clock displayed adequate knowledge and experience to quickly tailor existing skills to the new role for the upcoming students.
ETEN IAS conducted a seminar on the prospects of Civil Service examination in our campus on 08/08/2015. About 25 students participated in it.
APPTITUDE TEST Held on 30/07/2015
Time Institute Conducted an examination for students with regard to their aptitude on Management Studies on 30/07/2015
Career Guidance Programme Conducted By Tata Consultancy Held On 09/10/2014
Tata consultancy conducted a career guidance seminar. This institution begins, The Gyan Nidhi Scholarship to provide scholarship assistance for deserving meritorious students for the career oriented professional programmes in latest technologies. For this purpose they conducted an aptitude test for our students, the result of which will be announced later.
PSC Coaching Held On 08/10/2014
The career guidance cell of our college is conducting competitive examination coaching to motivate our students. As a part of this a PSC Coaching class was conducted on 08.10.2014 at room no. 38 from 3.00 P,M, to 4.00 P.M. The class was conducted by Mr. Polachan (PSC trainer). He discussed about the reasoning ability section, which is a main factor of the PSC examinations.
Inter Collegiate Best Manager Contest Held on 06/02/2014
Govt.College, Tripunithura conducted an inter collegiate best manager contest for final year graduate students sponsored by London college of business finance, Cochin for academic year 2014.Aptitude test conducted at the respective colleges/departments. London college of business finance, Cochin conducted aptitude test on 13/01/2014.Final rounds of the best manager contest held on 6/02/2014 at Govt.college Tripunithura. cash prizes awarded to the winners.Ajmal from IIIB.com Taxation got the third prize
Career Guidance Programme Held On 09/01/2014
Career launcher conducted a career guidance programme on 9/01/2014.They conducted an aptitude test forIII Bcom taxation and III B.com computer application students. The questions were related with banking areas and management fields.The test series helped the students to experience the most competitive test series experience. So it was very useful for the students.
Seminar On "Opportunities In Commerce" Held On 28/11/2013
Career Guidance cell Organised a seminar for Commerce students on the topic "Opportunities In Commerce" on 28/11/2013
Career Awareness Class By SCM HUB Held On 26/11/2013
The Career Guidance Cell conducted a career awareness class for all final year students on 26-11-2013 S C M Hub past students will have preference in seat allotment for pursuing all courses offered by S.C.M Hub. M.B.A Students of S C M hub will have an option of taking up a maximum of two yeas non paid hands on practical experience in air and ocean freight logistics sales in S C M Shipping Services PVT Ltd. along with the course. An added advantage for S C M Hub students to take up their dream jobs in international logistics industry worldwide.S C M Hub studence are much ahead of others in getting employment worldwide due to quality and value in training. successful students are pursuing careers with local to leading international shipping lines, and freight logistics companies in Australia,Singapore,Africa,Kuwait. providing Guidance, couching and Training for various professional courses to commerce students
Directorate of Minority Welfare (Govt. of Kerala) proposes to conduct Two Day personality Development Camp named "PASS WORD" and a Career Guidance class for minority students. The training module is aimed at the promotion of the strategies for the personality development of the participants. For this purpose the Career Guidance cell of our college has distributed the forms in each department and collected the filled up form from students and send it to the authority. This programme conducted at m e s college marambilly on 21-10-2013to 22-10-2013 and issued certificate for participated students
Training Programme By Kingfisher training Academy (KTA) On 14/03/2013
Career Guidance programme by Kingfisher training Academy (KTA) conducted a training programme 14.03.2013 for all the final year students in Al-Ameen campus providing real time training to young aspirants in the Aviation and hospitality industry. The Training programme included group discussions, Personal interview, induction methods etc. and was offered by KTA with the objective to find out the appropriate candidates in their Airlines and Hospitality Industry. students were shortlisted for a second round of Airlines interview for the final selection
Awareness Class By NIIT On 05/03/2013
As a part of Career Guidance Cell, an awareness class was conducted by NIIT ALwaye on 05-02-2013, to inform the students to participate in the 9th NIIT National Apptitude Test. (NITAT) for IT career aspirants. The aptitude of an individual, which is crucial to gain a foothold in the IT industry. NIIT extended invitation from final year students- B Com (Taxation), B.Com (C.A), B.Sc (Petrochemicals), B.Sc (Physics) of our college to participate in the 9th NITAT. Their endeavor was to ensure students benefit from their nationwide initiative.
Seminar By Career Guidance Cell On 25/02/2013
A Career Guidance programme was organized for the final year students on 25.02.2013 at Seminar Hall of Al-Ameen College, Edathala by Janamaithri Police. The Programme was handled by Dr.Tomy Varghese, HOD of Economics, UC College, Aluva. The Programme opened up with the students various avenues of vocational guidance after pursuing their graduation. The assistance given through vocational guidance helped the students to get information about the world of work around them so that each one could develop an adequate concept of oneself and make proper decision regarding one’s occupation. The seminar is aimed at making the students realize their long cherished ambitions regarding their career. The programme concluded with tips for vocational adjustment.
Seminar By I.D.P. Education Pvt. Ltd. On 04/01/2013
Career Guidance Programme was held for students examining prospects of studying abroad by I.D.P. Education Pvt. Ltd.
Seminar On Insurance And Its Current Options & Possibilities By MET Life Insurance Company Pvt Ltd. On 11/12/2012
Career Guidance Programme was held for final year B.Com (Taxation) students on the topic of insurance and its current options and possibilities by MET Life Insurance Company Pvt Ltd. The programme revealed the new avenues related to Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA).
Entrepreneurial Development Programme By IDP Education India Pvt. Ltd. On 03/12/2013
The Career Guidance Cell of the College conducted an Entrepreneurial Development Programme (EDP) Programme for Commerce students. The Programme was led by IDP Education India Pvt. Ltd.
A Career Guidance on Management of Finance on 14/09/2012.
A Career Guidance Programme was conducted for final year BCom students (Taxation and Computer Science) on the topic of Management of Finance functions for job seekers in the field of accountancy and financial management. The session was engaged by Logic Management Institutes Pvt Ltd.
A Career Guidance By Indian Institute of Logistics On 28/08/2013
A Career guidance programme was conducted by Indian Institute of Logistics which is a vocational training center for final year degree students. This aimed at helping the students get adequate information regarding the world of work around, making a proper choice for future vocation, getting adequate training or preparation for it, getting entry in to it and achieving maximum successful satisfaction in it.
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Ethics And Value Education Cell

Value Education aims at making the students aware of the values they cherish and helps them live up to those values. A set of Value Education classes are given to the students every year.


Ethics And Value Education Cell Activity Pictures

An Ethics & value education class was conducted by Ethics & Value Education cell on 30/06/2016
An Ethics & value education class was conducted by Ethics & Value Education cell on 30/06/2016 at 2.00 P.M. in the Conference hall for II B.Sc Petrochemicals and II B.Sc Physics. The resource person was Mr. HABEEB MOULAVI (IMAM OF Mallepally Juma Masjid). Prof.Zaina M.H, Convenor of the Cell, welcomed the gathering.
An Ethics & value education class was conducted by Ethics & Value Education cell on 23/06/2016
An Ethics & value education class was conducted by Ethics & Value Education cell on 23/06/2016 at 2.00 P.M. in the Seminar hall. The resource person was Mr. HABEEB MOULAVI (IMAM OF Mallepally Juma Masjid). Prof.Zaina M.H, Convenor of the Cell, welcomed the gathering. II B.A Economics, II B.com Tax were given the class on importance of “RAMADAN”.
Seminar on ETHICS AND VALUE EDUCATION CLUB Held on 26/06/2015
During RAMDAN Days Ethics and Value Education Club conducted a class on the topic "NIGAL BHOOMIYIL - KUZHAPPO UNDAKKARUTHU". The class was handled by Jb.Hussain Badari (Arabic Academy, Kochi)
Seminar on Ethics And Value Education On 14/02/2014
The Ethics And Value Education conducted a seminar on Ethics And Value Education on 14/02/2014 at 2.00 P.M. The resource person was Mr.Saalish Vadanapilly.
Seminar On Value Education Held on 08/11/2013.
A value education class was conducted by Ethics & Value Education committee on 8/11/2013 at 2.00 P.M. in the seminar hall. The resource person was Mr.Chinnan T.Pynadath, an environmentalist and social worker, Aluva. Prof.Mathew M.I., Jt.Convenor of the committee, welcomed the gathering. Prof.Abdul Karim K.M.,Principal, presided over the function. In his address, Principal, stressed the importance of upholding values in our personal life. Mr. Chinnan T. Pynadath explained about the consequences of neglecting values and ethics among the youth and advised the students to keep values in their life and to show empathy towards elders. The class was inspiring and made the students to think seriously about upholding values in their life. Prof.Hakeem Al-Firose, member, Ethics & Value Education committee delivered the vote of thanks.
Seminar On "Value Deterioration in Social Life" On 15/03/2013
Value Education Cell organized a seminar on " Value Deterioration in Social Life" (Causes -Effects – Remedies) . The Resource Person was Prof. Mujeeb Rahman ( English and Foreign Language University, Hyderabad).The programme started with the welcome speech by Prof.Abdul Hakeem (HOD,Economics).Principal Prof Abdul karim presided the seminar and he gave an introductory speech. Prof Mujeeb Rahman, in his speech stressed that basic cause of deterioration of human values is drugs and alcohol consumption by young generation. He stressed the need for banning alcohol by the Govt. He showed a Documentary Film on evils of drugs and alcohol on the society. The Programme was highly interesting and informative for the students.
Seminar On "Human Values in Modern Life" On 18/01/2013
Value Education Cell has conducted a Seminar on "Human Values in Modern Life" on 18/01/2013.The seminar was led by Swami Purandarananda.The programme started with silent prayer. Aslam P.H, the student representative delivered welcome speech.Pro. Abdul Kareem, our respected principal presided the seminar. In his speech he reminded the students that the ultimate aim of education is to mould character so that they are useful to the society and our nation. In his speech Swami urged the students to lead a simple life and reminded their duties and responsibilities as students. The main cause of any evil activity from an individual is greed and unlimited wants. Swami also advised students they need blessings of their parents and teachers for leading a successful life.
A Class On Value Education On 24/07/2012
Value Education Committee in association with Ethics Club of our college arranged a class on "RAMZAN & Moulding of Character". The class was lead by Sri. Sheriff Nadvi, Khathib, Nedumbassery Juma Masjid.
Seminar On Value Education On 20/07/2012
A class was organized by Value education club. Mohammed Jamal of Al - Azhar College Thodupuzha gave a class on "The Relevance Of Fasting During The month of Ramadan". The students were so enlightened by his talk.
Seminar On "Avoidance of Unsavory Practice" Held On 16/07/2012
In association with Ethics Club we organised a talk on Communal Harmony on 16/7/2012. The programme attended by Father Roby, Director, Chavara Cultural Centre stressed the need for "Self Awareness". Swami Purandananda of Ramakrishna Ashram also spoke on the occasion about upholding moral values in day to day life. Janab Abdul Salam Faizi, the Principal of Markaz College, Kalamassery, gave a talk on "Avoidance of Unsavoury Practices".
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Entrepreneurial Skill Development Club

An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business concern for the purpose of making profit. He is an specially talented person having the qualities of skill, initiative and an insight of innovation to achieve high goals. The most obvious form of entrepreneurship is that of starting new businesses ; however, in recent years, the term has been extended to include social and political forms of entrepreneurial activity. When entrepreneurship is describing activities within a firm or large organization it is referred to as intra-premiership and may include corporate venturing, when large entities spin-off organizations. Entrepreneurial skills inculcate Leadership skills,Team management,Strategy tools,Problem solving,Decision making,Project management,Time management,Stress management,Communication skills, Creativity techniques,Learning skills Career skills.The main aim of this cell is to help the students to undertake a business venture by mobilizing the available resources and utilizing it to attain their goals.


Entrepreneurial Skill Development Club Activity Pictures

Seminar on "Innovative Business Start- ups" Held On 21/07/2017.
An awareness programme on entrepreneurship development, organized by the EDP club, was conducted at the Al Ameen College Seminar Hall at on 21-07-17 at 2 pm. The programme was initiated by the Department of Industries and Commerce and the resource person for the same was the Assistant District Industries Officer, Sri Praveen. The Industries Extension Officer, Smt.Ushadevi, also addressed the gathering on the topic of the seminar "Innovative Business Start- ups".
Awareness class on Entrepreneurship development with the District industries centre Held on 25-01- 2017
The EDP CLUB had organised an awareness class on Entrepreneurship development with the District industries centre on 25-01- 2017 at 10 am in the college seminar hall. The inauguration was done by our principal DrAnita Nair. Mr.Saji (DISTRICT INDUSTRIES CENTRE) and Mr. Mohammed Iqbal (RESOURCE PERSON) also gave their sessions on Entrepreneurship Development. The vote of thanks was given by MRS.USHADEVI (IEO, VAZHAKULAM BLOCK).
Seminar On Student Entrepreneurship Held On 14/10/2016
The EDP club had organised a seminar “Student Entreprenurship” on 14-10-2016 at 10 am in the college seminar hall. The session was conducted by an eminent resource person; Mr.Ajayakumar from Kerala Institute for Entrepreneurship Development, Kalamassery (A public sector undertaking).The class was indeed a useful one as it provided a great motivation to our students to develop a spirit for becoming successful entrepreneurs. The session was an interactive one and pinpointed some of the successful entrepreneurs and the ways that made them successful.
Industrial Visit To KITEX LTD On 22/03/2016
As part of Entrepreneurial Skill Development Club the students are expected to visit prominent industries and companies for the practical exposure and insights to the real working environment. For this ,Entrepreneurial Skill Development Club of Al-Ameen College,Edathala organized an industrial visit on 22/3/2016 at KITEX LTD, Kizhakkambalam for the first year Bcom students. Industrial visit has its own importance in a career of a student. The main objective of industrial visit is to provide students an insight regarding internal working of companies.The theoretical knowledge is not enough for making a good professional career. Industrial visit provides students a practical perspective on the world of work. It provides students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. Anna Group started out as an aluminium products manufacturer, way back in 1968, and expanded into other sectors gradually, extending their business in to the manufacturing of food, spices, textiles, and more. Anna Group soon established a textile unit for the manufacture of Kitex Garments. This was followed by the opening of state of the art manufacturing units of ScooBee Day and TrawellDay Bags, two major divisions under Kitex, catering to the growing demands for school bags, travelbags,andsimilar products. Kitex Limited, a leading-edge textile unit, kick-started in 1975, manufactures and exports a wide range of cotton fabrics, clothing materials, traditional wears – lungies and dhoties, inner garments, infants wear, and cotton bedspreads. They also manufacture high-quality greige fabrics for home furnishings and apparel manufacturing. Kitex is a well- recognized brand in South India, and continue to cater to various fashion conscious markets all across the world, with the help of a well-maintained network that includes more than 2,500 authorized dealers across the globe. Anna- Kitex Group forayed into the luggage and baggage industry with the launch of ScooBee Day, an exclusive brand of school bags. ScooBee day bags have now become highly popular among students, due to their unique and attractive styles, shapes, sizes and colours.Dezire bags are specially designed to best suit the style and convenience of college students. This Industrial visit provide the students an excellent opportunity to interact with industries and know more about industrial environment. It helps to combine theoretical knowledge with industrial knowledge.Industrial realities are opened to the students through this industrial visit.
An interactive seminar was organized by Sweden India for the students of various universities on the topic “Innovating for the Future” on 7th November, 2015 at Gokulam Park, Kaloor .The Entrepreneurial Skill Development Club, has circulated a notice among the students and has taken the selected students for the seminar. The Resource person of the seminar was Mr. Pranav Kosuri , CCO Flic ( Short cut Labs) . He is a master in Molecular Biology from United States of America. The resource person started the seminar by highlighting his real life experiences , he initiated his career as a manager in a mining firm in China after that he acted as a music mentor in Sweden and finally stands with Flic – Short cut Labs. He also advocated certain points to be noted to become good entrepreneurs: ->Welcome the comments from others ->Dare to fight with the competitors ->Be a go setter – if there is a will there is a way ->Ask for help – find a buddy from others. The Resource Person made the session very interactive, by asking questions and opines from the students. The session was very simple and the students was really happy to know that if there is a willful attempt from a person’s side that can be achieved. It was a motivational seminar for the students who are intending to start an enterprise.
Entrepreneurial Skill Development club conducted a seminar on the topic "Entrepreneurial Skills" on 24/10/2014 for the first year students. The resource person for the seminar was Prof. U.R.Krishnakumar (Assistant Professor, S.N.M.College, Maliankara). The important entrepreneurial skills required for a successful entrepreneur were discussed in this seminar. He divided the whole students into four groups, each group were asked to develop a product and to market it.The students actively participated in the seminar and was really a motivating one. The seminar aims at inculcating entrepreneurial culture among the students and to equip them with the skills, techniques and confidence to act as torch bearers of entrepreneurship for the new generation.
Kerala Business Challenge is Kerala based Business Competition carved to bring out the best in the young Business Leaders of tomorrow. To outline this point, the Entrepreneurial Skill Development Club of Al-Ameen College, Edathala has organized a seminar on BUSINESS CHALLENGES on 10.12.2103 at 12 O’clock for III B.Com (Taxation) students. The programme provided a great opportunity for under graduate students to showcase their talent in Business Management and to forecast their Skill Enhancement activities. The resource person for this seminar was Mr.Sreekanth from Kochi Business Challenge. The two hour programme began with a notion that India has a large pool of professionals, but what we lack here are the professionals who can apply their skills, who can think practical, be with business and skill carve you to be the one. The seminar made the students to excel from exam plans to business plans and to pave way for the growth of education in the fields of science, technology and management.
Finding innovation and market gaps for new products and services is the key activity performed by an entrepreneur. To outline this point, The Entrepreneurial Skill Development Club of Al-Ameen College, Edathala has organized a seminar on 29.11.2103 at 2.00 P.M at Conference hall of Al-Ameen College on "Introduction to Entrepreneurship." The programme aims at identifying new and innovative concepts of entrepreneurship. The resource person for this seminar was Mrs.Muthulakshmi, Lecturer, K.M.M College Thrikkakkara. The major concepts discussed were about the characteristics qualities, competencies, concepts that a successful entrepreneur should possess. The two hour programme was meant to create an awareness regarding the ways to promote and cultivate entrepreneurship discussions as to the meaning of the terms such as entrepreneurial community and entrepreneurial development were exchanged in detail. Specific mention was made on the phases of innovation conception, implementation and marketing priorities, assessment of the casualties and the steps to be taken in these situations. This programme helped the participants to get acquaintance with the basic knowledge and skills that an entrepreneur should possess.
State Entrepreneurship Day On 12/9/2013
Kochi Business School celebrated State Entrepreneurship Day on 12 September 2013. They launched a programme to carve out 1000 young entrepreneurs from U G students by 2015.The theme is How to transform Kerala from a salaried state to an entrepreneurial state. The programme was inaugurated by Shri Babu , Minister of Excise. The following students attended the programme
Ajeesh Sivan (B.Com Taxation)
Solomon Sunny (B.Com Taxation)
Amal K B (B.Com Taxation)
shahin(B.Com Computer Applications)
Marshin (B.Com Computer Applications)
Seminar on Enhancing Entrepreneurship Education And Skills Development On 18/03/2013
A Seminar on Enhancing Entrepreneurship Education And Skills Development was conducted for second year B.A (Communicative English) students. This seminar was be handled by Mr.Arun Kumar who himself is an entrepreneur and engaged in Tandem group of institutions. The seminar discussed the following matters relating to entrepreneurial skills centre around attitude (soft skills) such as persistence, networking and self-confidence on the one hand and enabling skills (hard skills) on the other, including basic start up knowledge, business planning, financial literacy and managerial skills. The aim of this seminar was not only to strengthen the capacity and desire of more individuals to start their own enterprises but also to develop an entrepreneurial culture in society
Seminar on "Role of Entrepreneur in Economic Development" On 14/03/2013
Entrepreneurial Skill Development Club conducted a seminar on "Role of Entrepreneur in Economic Development" on 14.03.2013 for the first and second year B.A (Economics) students. This seminar will be handled by Mr. Aneesh from London College of Business and Finance. The seminar aimed in building up key quality traits such as creativity, the ability to keep going in the face of hardship and the social skills needed to build great teams which are needed for a successful entrepreneur. The seminar focused on the following traits: Personal Charcterstics,Interpersonal skills, Critical and creative thinking skills, practical skills. At the end of the programme a Best Manager Award was awarded to Miss. Aneesa of B.A (Economics)
Seminar On Organizing & Operating A Business Concern On 05/01/2013
The Entrepreneurial Skill Development Club organised a programme on Organizing And Operating Business Concern. The resource person was Dr. Sabu Augustine, H R Manager, Nitta Gelatin India Pvt. Ltd
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Legal Literacy

Legal Literacy Cell aims tp instill awareness about the duties and the rights of individuals. The cell helps to make the students aware of the common laws in our society which will make them good citizens


Legal Literacy Activity Pictures

Awareness Class on Human Rights Held on 15/12/2017
Advocate C.B Jeevan, Professor at SN Law College, Poothotta, conducted an awareness class on the topic "Human Rights" on 15.12.2017 at the Al-Ameen College Mini Seminar Hall. Around fifty students attended the session which covered topics relevant in day to day life and which also went over many case studies.
The report on “Constitution Day” on 26/11/2015 demeanor by Legal Literacy Cell of college, as per the circular issued by university. One Hundred And Twenty Five birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna Dr B. R. Ambedkar is being celebrated. To celebrate this juncture in a befitting manner legal literacy cell conducted class wise campaign on Preamble of Constitution and seminar. The campaign is conducted by students group which is a culmination of all segment of students, endow with a gist about preamble of Constitution. The colloquium is purely focused for faculties of college about Constitution of India and its silent features. The resource person for the seminar was advocate Pratheep Kumar R optimism is that colloquium was very useful for the audience.
seminar on "Protection of Public Property" Held on 02/11/2015
Legal literacy cell of Al-Ameen College in association with the Aluva Taluk Legal Service Committee organized a talk on “Protection of Public Properties” on 02/11/2015 at 2.00p.m in the mini seminar hall. The programme was presided by Advocate M.C.Mony , President, Bar Association. Dr.Anita Nair, Principal, Al-Ameen College, Edathala welcomed the gathering .The class was handled by T.B.Vijayan (C.I. of Police). The objective of this talk was to give an awareness to the students about the importance of protecting public property. The resource person emphasize the fact that the protection of public property was the Constitutional responsibility of every citizen and should be integral part of patriotism. He point out that Misusing public property has become a national defect of the World. The programme ended with the vote of thanks by Ameer afsal K.A. ,Staff , Aluva Taluk Legal Service Committee.
A Seminar on "Responsiveness of RTI Act" Held on 23/09/2015
Legal Literacy Cell of Al-Ameen College,Edathala organized a seminar on "Responsiveness of RTI Act" on 23/09/2015 at 2.00 p.m. in the mini seminar hall. The programme was presided by Dr.Anita Nair, Principal, Al-Ameen College, Edathala.The session was handled by Adv.Sudarshan Kumar, Senior advocate,Alwaye. Adv.Pradeep Kumar, Assistant professor, Dept of Commerce welcomed the gathering. The main objective behind this seminar is to provide awareness to the first year degree students about the right to information act. The resource person clearly explains the various aspects of RTI Act like the obligations of public authorities, and the procedure for obtaining information under RTI Act. The session was very interesting and informative to the students. Sharafudhin, the student of first year B.Com Taxation delivered the vote of thanks.
Seminar on "RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT" Held on 15/10/2014
Legal Literacy Cell of Al-Ameen college Edathala conducted a seminar on the topic "RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT" on 15-10-2014 at 2.00 P.M at seminar hall. The programme was presided over by Prof.K.M.Abdul karim, Principal of our college and Advocate . LaijaGeorge conducted the class. Ist year degree and PG students of various streams attended the seminar and the class was very informative for them. The programme concluded by 4.00 P.M.
"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood."(Article 1) Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other status. We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible. Universal human rights are often expressed and guaranteed by law, in the forms of treaties, customary international law, general principles and other sources of international law. International human rights law lays down obligations of Governments to act in certain ways or to refrain from certain acts, in order to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals or groups. Human rights are international norms that help to protect all people everywhere from severe political, legal, and social abuses. The U.N General Assembly proclaimed 10th December as Human Rights Day in 1950, to bring to the attention "of the peoples of the world" the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations. Legal literacy cell of Al-ameen College organized a seminar on Human Rights Day, (10.12.13).The purpose of the seminar was to provide some awareness about human rights to the students. The programme started with a silent prayer. Our principal Prof. Abdul Karim sir felicitate the function. Adv P.M Muhammed Ali talk on the subject. He used life related matters to inculcate the concept to the students, so the seminar was very interesting and also motivate the students.
Legal literacy cell, organized a court visit on 7.11.13. Two teachers along with 11 students went to Aluva Munssif Court to familiarize the court proceedings. We reached there at 10.00 A.M. The court proceedings started by 11.00 A.M. Students were dived into two groups. They were given a chance to notice a separate case sitting. An advocate explained about each and every aspect in the court. The students were very interested to watch the proceedings.
Knowledge of law is power and helps self realization. India, the largest democracy in the world, has an emergent need for generating awareness of rights as knowledge so that people live in consonance with the true dictates of democracy and rule of law. Legal literacy is commonly understood as knowing the primary level in law. When citizens, particularly marginalized or underprivileged groups, know what the law has to offer them, they can recognize and challenge injustices much more forcefully. The first step towards that knowledge of law, which can transform people's lives, is legal literacy.
The Legal literacy club of Al-Ameen College inaugural function was conducted on 02.09.2013 at Seminar Hall at 2 P.M. Adv.Sri.CK Madhusoodnan, (Munsiff &Chairman TLSC, Aluva) inaugurated the function. Principal Prof. Abdul Karim sir felicitate the function. Adv.V.M Sajan (member Aluva bar council), who was the resource person of the programme talk on the topic "AWARENESS ABOUT SOME LEGAL THOUGHTS". The programme was concluded at 4.00 P.M.
Seminar On Legal Awareness On 22/03/2013
Legal Literacy Cell conducted a Legal Awareness Class. Prof K.M Abdul Karim, Principal inaugurated the function. The class was taken by Adv. Sudharshana Kumar M.B. The class was very informative. The students were made aware of their rights and responsibilities.
Seminar On Legal Awareness On 31/01/2013
Legal Literacy Club conducted a Legal Awareness Class. The class was organised by the Legal Literacy cell of Al-Ameen College. Adv. Anjaly Cyrus of Aluva Court was the resource person. She explained about the various types of laws which are useful for the day to day life.
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Parents Teachers Association - PTA

Parent-Teacher Association is functioning in our college to render all possible help to the Management, Staff and Students for the smooth running of the College and to create a favorable environment for study within the campus. All teachers and parents are members of this Association.

The Aims And Objectives Of The Association
To foster and promote good relationship among the members of the teaching staff, students and guardians of the students.
To create in its members a keen interest for the smooth working and the progress of the college and for maintaining good discipline and high academic standards.
To institute scholarships , prizes, medals etc to benefit students showing a high proficiency in their studies.
To provide and ensure amenities to the students of the college.


Prof.K.M.Abdul Kareem, Principal, Al-Ameen College, Edathala.
PTA Vice President:
Dr.A.B.Aliyar(Administrative Officer, United India Insurance Company,Aluva,Ph No:9447054139)
Secretrary :Prof.Indu. G. Associate Professor, Dept.of Chemistry.
Executive Committee Members:
Teaching Staff
Prof.Jose T.A (Dept. Of Physics)
Prof.M.B.Sasidharan (Dept. Of Commerce)
Prof.Leena Vargheese (Dept. Of Commerce)
Prof.Vinitha.T (Dept. Of Mathematics)
1) Abdul Jabbar M.M (9446518319)
2) Chandra Mohan (9447562446)
3) P.R Vijayan (9526103703)
4) Aboobacker Moulavi(9895056186)
5) Sathi Devi (9747572862)
6) Alikunju (9895375379)
7) Stella George (9142227152)
8) V.S.Ali (91426866176)
9) Saleesh (9946350101)
10)Sunil Kumar (9645595630)
11)Ajitha Suresh
12)Wilson M.C (9388884171)
13)Nahab M.S (9895495347)
14)Hydrose K.S (9995323802)


Parents Teachers Association - PTA Activity Pictures

Al-Ameen College, Parent Teacher Association organized an award ceremony to honour the toppers of all departments from 2012-15 batches. PTA Secretary Prof Indu.G welcomed the gathering. Honourable Chairman of Al-Ameen Educational Trust, Shri. T.P.M Ibrahim Khan, Secretary of Al-Ameen Educational Trust Shri .A.A Siyad Koker, Manager of College Dr.Junaid Rahman, Principal Dr. Anita Nair, PTA President Dr. A.B Aliyar , PTA Vice President Mr. M.G Mohan Kumar, PTA Executive Committee Members Al Ali, Mrs. Zeenath were present for the function. Cash prize and Memento were handed to the toppers of department of Chemistry, Physics, Commerce, Economics, BTS,BT and English. Prof Heeba Rahman delivered the vote of thanks.
Parents meeting of First year students on 15/07/2015
Parents meeting of First year students were conducted on 15th July 2015. The meeting was convened by Principal Dr.Anita Nair .All HOD’s talked on various subjects including the college uniform, facilities in the college, the importance of attendance etc. Five parents were elected as executive members of PTA. Prof Abdul Hakeem delivered the vote of thanks.
The first year undergraduate’s were given a very warm and cordial welcome on July 15th 2015 on the commencement of their classes at our college. We have invited parents along with their wards on the first day of their life in this college. The formal function started by 9.30 AM. The documentary on the miles stones and facilities of the college was displayed at the college auditorium before the formal session. The programme is chaired by our Principal Dr.Anita Nair. She stressed the need for discipline for the smooth functioning of the college which should be ensured by the parents along with the faculties of the college. The meeting also included the participation of PTA representatives. Members for PTA were selected from the parents of first year students .All head of the departments welcome the students and wish them a very successful academic enrichment. IQAC Co-ordinator Dr. Cini Kurian spoke about the need to balance the curricular and co-curricular activities in the college and the need for the overall personality development for the students. The meeting ended with a session for the interaction of tutors and parents of the respective classes. An undertaking regarding the prohibition of political activities and a declaration on anti ragging agreement were signed by both parents and students.
PTA General Body Meeting held on 30/06/2015
General Body Meeting held on 30th June 2015 was presided over by Principal Dr.Anita Nair. About 120 parents and teachers were attended the meeting. The PTA Secretary prof. Indu.G welcomed the gathering. The PTA Vice-president Dr.A.B Aliyar gave the key note address. Prof K.R Davis spoke at the meeting. The office bearers of PTA 2015-16 were elected from the parents. Dr.A.B Aliyar was elected as the vice-president for the current year also. Nine executive committee members were elected from the parents.
General Body meeting presided over by Principal, Prof. K M Abdul Karim started at 2.00 P.M in the seminar hall. More than three hundred parents of 2nd year and 3rd year students attended the meeting. Principal pointed out the responsibilities of parents. Prof. Jose T A, Prof. Safia C.K., Prof. Anita Nair and Prof. M B Sasidharan delivered Speech. Prof. Abdul Hakkim gave vote of thanks. After the formal meeting, departmental meeting of parents with tutors were arranged at respective departments.
PTA meeting was conducted for the parents of 1st year students who joined in the academic year 2014-15. About 80 parents attended the meeting presided by Prof. K M Abdul Karim, Principal, Al-Ameen College. PTA Vice-President, Dr. A B Aliyar expressed his views on character formation and the importance of education. IQAC co-ordinator, Dr. Anita Nair, HOD of Chemistry and HOD of Commerce also delivered speech on that occasion. The meeting came to an end at 12:30 P.M
General Body meeting was presided over by respected Chairman of Al Ameen Educational Trust, Adv.T P M. Ibrahim Khan. He pointed out the responsibilities of parents. Mr. K. M. Shamsudheen, trustee, Al Ameen Educational Trust expressed his happiness in being a part of PTA meeting as well as progress of college. Trustees Mr. K. M. Hamsa, Mr. A.A. Siyad Kokker, Prof. Muhammed Thahir also delivered speech. Principal, Prof. K M Abdul Karim handed over the memento to Dr. Cini Kurian as a token of appreciation for achieving Ph.D. degree. More than hundred parents of 2nd year and 3rd year students attended the meeting. New office bearers of PTA executive committee 2014-15 academic year were elected. Dr. A.B. Aliyar, Administrative officer, United India Insurance company, Aluva as Vice President and fourteen other members were elected.
The meeting started at 10:30 A.M PTA Secretary, Prof. Indu G. welcomed the gathering. Principal, Prof. Abdul Karim, presided over the meeting. He explained in detail the circumstances in which the election was not conducted. Al-Ameen educational trust member Jb. K. M. Shamsudheen felicitated the gathering. PTA Vice President Mr. Ashraf T. A. expressed his view that at the beginning of each academic year, a general body meeting of PTA should be conducted with college management authorities. PTA Executive member Mr. Abdul Razak talked about the importance of avoiding violence within campus politics. PTA Executive member Mr. Muhammadali pointed out the need of increasing parent representation in executive committee. He also indicated the need of gathering support of local people for smooth functioning of the college. Staff Advisor Prof. Davis K. R. suggested that a PTA Sub-committee should be formed. One of the parents, Mr. O. K. Moideen suggested collecting photo and phone numbers of parents at the time of admission. Another parent Abitha Sheriff pointed out that the ward member of the Panchayat should be invited to the college in order to maintain good relations with the local administrative body. A Sub-committee constituting 14 members was formed and the general body unanimously resolved to accept the decision of the college management not to conduct College Union elections during the academic year 2013-14. Prof. Abdul Hakkim delivered the vote of thanks and the meeting came to an end at 1.00 P.M.
Counselling Programme On 17/12/2013
AL – Ameen College PTA organized a counselling programme on 17th December, 2013 at the college seminar hall. About 200 students of IInd year degree attended the programme. The resource person was Mr. Reji Jacob, Executive Director of Absolute Family and Faculty Enrichment Mission (AFFERM), Aluva. He covered various issues related to teenagers such as the use of drugs, liquor, tobacco, misuse of mobile phones, lack of interest in studies, misbehavior towards parents and teachers etc. He explained the need for developing humanitarian behavior, importance of respecting fellow beings and secret of success in life. The session was quite informative and interesting.
PTA executive committee meeting ON 05/09/2013
PTA executive committee meeting was held on 5th September, 2013, and took decisions on way forward.
P.T.A Meeting Of I Year Students on 05/07/2013
PTA meeting of Ist year students of academic year 2013-14 was held on 5th July, 2013 at 10.00 A.M in the seminar hall. PTA president, Prof. K M Abdul Karim, Principal, Al-Ameen College presided over the function. PTA secretary Prof. G Indu, executive committee member Rajesh Kumar, Disciplinary committee convenor Prof. Jose T A, IQAC convenor Dr. Anita Nair, Add-on course co-ordinator Prof. Davis K R were also present in the meeting. Two executive committee members were elected from among the parents. The meeting came to an end at 2pm.
Anti Ragging Awareness Programme On 04/07/2013
Anti ragging awareness programme was held on 4th July at 2pm in the seminar hall. P T A vice president Mr. Ashraf T A welcomed the gathering. In his presidential address, Principal Prof. K.M. Abdul Karim explained various measures he had taken to avoid ragging inside the campus. The inaugural speech was delivered by Sri Satheesh Bino, IPS, Superintendent of police, Aluva. Adv. Sivan Madothil, High court, Ernakulam delivered keynote address. He had given stress on various laws in relation to ragging. The programme came to an end at 4pm.
General Body meeting On 05/06/2013
General body meeting was presided over by Principal, Prof. K M Abdul Karim. Prof. G Indu welcomed the gathering. Principal, in his presidential address, explained the need of maintaining discipline and importance of wearing uniform inside the campus. He explained in detail the vision and mission of the college and the need of a strong PTA to achieve the goals. Election of office bearers of PTA 2013-14 was held and Mr. Ashraf T A was elected as Vice President. Four parents of 2nd year and 3rd year students were nominated as members of executive committee. Vice president promised to give full support to maintain discipline. Prof. Abdul Hakeem, HOD of Economics Dept. gave the vote of thanks.
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Community Extension Services

Community Extension Programme aims at the enrichment of the social responsibilities of the students. For the purpose of this we are framing programmes with the support of nearby areas. As a part of community extension programme a palliative care unit was introduced in the college. Through our programmes students are get awareness regarding their responsibilities towards the society and the need for developing it.


Community Extension Services Activity Pictures

"Distribution of Clothes to the Needy on 12/10/2017
Pain & Palliative club is continuing the process of collecting clothes in good condition and distributing them to the needy through social workers in the field. A second load of clothes were collected from our college campus by Ms. Ambily a social worker, on 12 October 2017.
Teachers and students visited Adv. M.V Ibrahimkutty memorial School, Kuzhivelipady . They celebrated X’ Mass Celebration with the children’s of that school. They give chocolates and toys to them.
Visit to Providence Home Vilangu on 03/12/2014
Mathematics department visited Providence Home Vilangu, on 03-12-2014 as a part of our extension activity. We spend a half day with the inmates of the Providence Home which was a memorable experience. We handed over old clothes which were collected for them by our students.
Biotechnology Department conducted a medical camp on behalf of world AIDS day on December 1st 2014 in association with ACOSA . The theme of 2014 AIDS Day is FOCUS, PARTNER,ACHIEVE-AN AIDS FREE GENERATION. The programme was inaugurated by Adv. Eldhose P. kunnapilly , Ernakulam District Panchayat President. Followed the Felicitation by our principal Professor Abdul Karim sir and also ACOSA president T.A.M. Basheer. Soon after the inauguration, Blood Grouping, GRBS, BMI checkup was commenced. There were almost 30 peoples from the outside the college locality,and also students and teachers are the successful running of this event. camp lasted till 3:15 pm. There was a strong support from the addressees which included students and teachers from different departments. The participation of the non teaching staff added to the magnitude of our event.
Cancer Ward Visit – General Hospital Ernakulam on 27/11/2014   
The Department of English has arranged a Cancer ward visit on 27 November 2013 as a part of its social and community extension activities. Selected students and faculty from the department visited the Oncology department of the General Hospital, Ernakulam and their cancer ward. The program was split in to two sessions. The First session consisted of an Awareness Class on various types of Cancer, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. It was conducted at their video conferencing hall and was lead by Dr. Mohan, HOD of Oncology Department. The session was quite useful and informative. The second session consisted of the cancer ward visit. The students and the accompanying faculty spent their time with the cancer patients and interacted with them. Though the patients were obviously under excruciating pain, they were quite happy and relieved when they found someone to share their pain, sufferings, and experiences. The joy that emanated from them as a result of the visit was a huge source of satisfaction for the students and the faculty. The following members of the faculty took part in the program • Dr. Anita Nair, Head of the Department • Ms. Bisha E.Y. • Mr. Viju P.V. The following students also participated in the program: 1. Sanlith Valsan 2. Raseena MR 3. Amrutha PR 4. Hafiz KM 5. Renjith PR 6. Ajmal K Mohd 7. Shinciya KS
Dental Check up Held on 14/03/2014
Department of biotechnology organized an one day free dental campaing in association with KIMS hospital Edapally on 14 th of MARCH 2014,as an extension activity. The program was inaugurated by one of the famous Television mini screen actor and director Mr.Adam Ayub. & Dr.Jomy, KIMS hospital gave a speech on healthy teeth and precuations. After the inaugral ceremony, a Team of Three Member set a room which Reminds of Typical Doctors room for Consulting . There was strong support from Students and the local residents that we were able to get in touch with almost Hundred of people ,around 20 local residents made their appearance., In addition to the medical camp KIMS also managed to diagonous the blood glucose level, which really attracted many peoples..students were so instrumental that they were successful in maintaining discipline throught the session and they also managed to bring up a registeration counter amidst of theirressible rush from the side of the students and the general public. Department of biotechnology extends our sincere thanks to every one especially to the local residents and college authorities for making this event a memorable one
A visit of bedded patients was held on 10/04/13 at 2.00 pm. It was inaugurated by Mr.M.K Abu, President of Edathala Co-operative service Bank. Students teaching and non-teaching staffs were the participants. Seven houses in Edathala Grama Panchayat were selected for the visit. As a part of the visit water bed, blankets and gifts were given to them. The following patients were visited.
7.Varkey Kunjappu
A Cycle rally was organized as a part of Community Extension Programme. NCC, NSS and Red Cross members jointly participated in it. The function was inaugurated by Mr. Jayakrishnan, CI of police Aluva. The aim of this rally was to make the people aware of proper waste management. The rally ended by 12.30 P.M.
A palliative care unit was organized by community extension programme. This unit aims to provide relief to people who are suffering from incurable diseases in nearby areas. The unit was inaugurated on 26/11/2012 by Prof. Abdul Kareem, Principal, Al- Ameen College Edathala. As a part of this unit following 33 students from NCC,NSS and Red Cross were selected to undergo palliative care training in Indira Gandhi Co-operative medical college.
As a part of community extension programme NSS, NCC and Red Cross units of Al- Ameen jointly organized a gratuitous pension scheme for poor families of Edathala Grama Panchayat. Mr. Anwar Sadath MLA, Aluva constituency inaugurated the function. According to him there exist some loopholes in the government social welfare programmes. This was an attempt to find out the right beneficiaries who truly deserves it. He also distributed pension for the same.The beneficiaries are selected by the committee consisting of Principal, NSS officer, NCC officer, Community Extension Committee Convenor, Panchayat president and ward member. The beneficiaries of this scheme were:
1.Mr. Kunju Marakkar
Chomayath (H)
Al-Ameen Nagar
Nochima ,NAD P.O
2.Mr. N.A Ibrahim
Njakkada (H)
3.Mrs. Pushpa Veni
Nochima , NAD P.O
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Literary , Debate And Quiz Club

The primary mission of the Literary and Debating Club is to cultivate better thinking. It will help the students to develop solid thinking skills, and learn to locate the values, worldview & assumptions behind positions expressed by others. The literary clubs objective is to develop and hone the literary skills of the students. The Club encourages the Clarities to develop a taste for literature and also work towards improving their spoken and written language. It is involved in a variety of activities aimed at building up the confidence and grooming the talents of students in facing various interpersonal activities and competitions, to enhance the speech and oratorical skills of students.

Students' Representative
1. Sreeraj Mani
2. Ramcy P.A.
3. Abhiram Mohan
4. Aswathy Vijayan.


Literary , Debate And Quiz Club Activity Pictures

Quiz Competetion Held On 22/09/2014
The objective of quiz programmes is to take all necessary efforts to develop expert quiz teams for the college who shall represent the college for quiz competitions. Quiz Club of Al- Ameen College, Edathala has arranged a quiz programme based on general knowledge on 22-9-2014 for selecting a few students for the final quiz competition to be held at MES College, Marampilly . Sixty students participated in the programme and out of them six students were shortlisted for the quiz competition.
Essay Competition Held On 25/08/2014
The members of this club shall be those who are interested or talented in writing. The activities of this club would involve creation of written material in its various forms such as short stories, serial stories, poetry, essays, articles, etc. They shall invoke interest in writing among other students by holding competitions and by displaying work produced by the students.
Changampuzha Smaraka Grandhashala conducted an Essay Competition on 25/08/2014 on the topic "Prakruthiyude Sannidhyam Malayala Kavithayil" for college students. Three students of second year B.Sc. Physics participated in the competition.
Kerala Piravi CelebrationHeld On 01/11/2013
Literary,debate & quiz club of Al-Ameen college conducted a Malayalam Elocution competition in association with Kerala Piravi celebration on 01/11/2013 at seminar hall at 10.30 A.M. , Roja from Biotechnology department won the first prize and Sreejith Paul from Mathematics department won the second prize. The topic given was "Malayalam Marakkuna Malayali" .All the participants expressed their ideas very enthusiastically.
Quiz Competition Held On 27-9-2013
Literary, debate & quiz club of Al-Ameen College conducted an inter departmental quiz competition on 27-9-2013 at seminar hall at 2.00 P.M. B.Com Taxation department won the first prize and B.Sc Physics and Petrochemicals shared the second prize.
Symposium To Motivate Upcoming Talents Held On 19/07/2013
The Literary Debate and Quiz Club 2013-14 of our College conducted a symposium on 19.07.2013 at Seminar Hall. Aneesh.P.Chirakal, Assistant Professor, Sree Narayana School of Education, Muvattupuzha was the resource person of the function. He talked on the topic "Blogs and Students".
Essay Competition In Association With "VAYANA VARACHARANAM" Held On 25/06/2013
Literary Club 2013 conducted an Essay writing competition as a programme of the vayana varacharanam on 25-06-2013 at 2 p.m. The topic given was "AMMA". 29 students participated in the programme. The winners are Ramcy. P.A. (II B.A. Economics), Megha.T.V (II B.Com Tax), Ifrath.M.and Abhiram Mohan (III B.Com C.A. & III B.A. English)
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Youth Red Cross Unit

The YRC is the most important constituent of its mother organization, Indian Red Cross. It is a student movement organized for students in Colleges and Technical Institutions. YRC in our College was operational from the academic year 2011-12. Through YRC our college aims to inspire, encourage and initiate all sort of humanitarian activities so that human suffering be minimized, alleviated and even prevented and thus contributes to creating a more congenial climate for peace. It is a non-religious, non-political and non sectarian International body. Regardless of either frontiers or race, the Red Cross remains a voluntary organization and also an independent one having considerable welfare activities to its credit.
The Red Cross, established in 1863 in Geneva, by Jean Henry Dunant, is an International Organization meant for humanitarian services. Its headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland with many affiliated National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. On 7th June 1920, fifty members were formally nominated to constitute the Indian Red Cross Society and the first Managing Body was elected from among them with Sir Malcolm Hailey as Chairman.
Indian Red Cross Society is a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Relations between the IRCS and the India Delegation of the Federation are strong.


Youth Red Cross Unit Activity Pictures

Report On Awareness Class On Organ Donation Held On 11/12/2015
YOUTH RED CROSS UNIT organized an Awareness class on "Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge & Attitude on Organ Donation" B.Sc Nursing Students of Sree Sudheendra College of Nursing, Ernakulam On 11/12/2015 at 11.00 A.M. Selected students attended the class which gave them aware of organ transplantation, Which all organs can be transplanted, organ donation, brain death . The main objective was to create a positive attitude toward organ donation in the event of brain death. Lack of knowledge and understanding about organ donations, religious attitudes, and superstitious beliefs have generated fear and mistrust in the minds of the common man and, especially, the terminally ill patients. Studies have been done on Medical and Nursing students towards their perceptions and attitudes about organ donation and to enhance their motivation towards the same. The class was carried out to seek an insight into the awareness and attitudes towards organ donation.
Eye Testing Camp Held On 07/12/2015
Youth Red Cross Unit in association with LENS & FRAMES organized A “Free Eye Testing Camp” for Staff & Students of Al- Ameen College on 07/12/2015 at 10.00 A.M. YRC is an international voluntary organization committed to the ideal to help the poor and needy. The camp was organized with the aim of detecting primary eye diseases within the campus. The program was started with Principal Dr.Anita Nair by being the first to test the eye which was followed by staffs and students of our college. Majority of students, teaching and non teaching participated in the camp.
Inauguration of Red Cross Unit 2014 - 15 Held on 14/10/2014
Inauguration of Red Cross Unit activities for the academic year 2014-2015 was done on 14th October 2014 at 1:30 pm in the seminar hall. Mr. Adarsh Kumar, Joint RTO, North Paravur was the resource person.
Seminar on “Road Safety” Held On 14/10/2014
Red Cross Unit of Al-Ameen College organized a seminar on the topic "Road Safety” on 14th October 2014 at 1:30 pm in the Seminar Hall. The objective of the programme was to give awareness to the students about the importance of obeying traffic rules. The programme started with a prayer song. Mr. Affan, (I BCom ComputerApplication) welcomed the gathering. Prof. Abdul Karim (Principla, Al-Ameen College) welcomed the gathering. Mr. Adarsh Kumar, Joint RTO, North Paravur was the resource person. In his address, Mr. Adarsh Kumar explained the diverse types of accidents due to careless driving. Traffic accidents are a major cause of death and injuries worldwide, but while they are declining in many parts of the developed world, fatalities are still on the rise in many developing countries including India. In our state more than half of the road accident victims are in the age group of 20 to 55, the key wage earning and child raising age group, he added. Dr. Dino Varghese gave felicitations. Ms. Ameen (II BCom Taxation) delivered vote of thanks.
Pain And Palliative Care Training On 11/01/2014
Ten Students from Al-Ameen College attended a one day training programme on "Pain & Palliative" at general Hospital on 11/01/2014 taken by Dr. Mohan, Specialist. During the first session briefly explained about the term "Pain & Palliative Care". There was another session about home care, which explained the tools & equipments which we need to use during home care
Blood Donation Camp Held On 20/11/2013
A blood grouping & donation camp was conducted on 21/11/13 at Al-Ameen College Campus. The well attended camp was formally inaugurated by Prof. K.M Abdul Karim Principal, Al Ameen College. The function was presided over by Dr. Zulaiha Marikar (Retd . DMO). 31 volunteers (Male- 25, Female-6) donated blood. The camp was organized in collaboration with blood bank Aluva .The Camp Was a success.
Workshop - Mind Power "Success Pyramid" on 21/10/2013
Red Cross unit of Al-Ameen College has organized a Workshop - Mind Power "Success Pyramid" for the students of our college on 21.10.2013. The workshop was led by Mr.Joshy George, Famous Cartoonist and TV anchor. The Programme was presided by the Prof. Abdul Karim K.M , Principal, Al-Ameen College, Edathala and inaugurated by Mr.Joshy George, Famous Cartoonist and TV anchor. The Programme was organized in collaboration with "Vallathol Smaraka Vayanasala – Pookkattupady" . The experience was quite useful and enlightening.
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Film, Drama and Music Club

The Film, drama and music club of Al-Ameen College is constantly engaged in activities that promote interest in theater arts and related performances among students of the college and its faculty. The primary thrust of the club is in identifying new talents, nurturing and nourishing their talents so as to enhance their creative potential. The club recognizes the need to channelize the otherwise unharnessed energy of the youth in into such creative activities. At present, we have divided the students of our college in to three houses, namely, Pearl, Ruby and Emerald. Every Wednesday, one house is given two hours (2.00-4.00 pm) in the afternoon session to showcase their performances, on a rotational basis. The activity is progressing in an effective manner, as was planned. Week after week we find active and enthusiastic participation from the students. With a long term objective of making a mark in the university arts festival and other recognized competitions, the club provides ample opportunities for the students. We aspire to encourage skills and talents in theatrical arts and stage performance by providing training and rehearsal facilities for interested students after the formal working hours of the college. The students of 11 B.Com Computer has succeeded in making a short film titled, "Snap", in association with the Film Drama and Music Club, which has been highly acclaimed and praised among the students and faculty.


Film, Drama and Music Club Activity Pictures

In celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday, on October 2 nd  an exhibition exploring vintage and rare photos from his days as a law student to the time he breathed his last breath was steered on 8 th of October 2015 in the College Auditorium. The display showcased the resonance in the visual arts of Mohandas K. Gandhi and his ethics of nonviolence, or Satyagraha. The unique idea of this exhibition named “MY LIFE IS Y MESSAGE” conceived and implemented by Prof. K.R.Davis was a portrait of Gandhi through the lens of Camera .the content propagated the nonviolent ideas and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and gave knowledge about the Indian Freedom Movement, the amount of sacrifice performed during the struggle to the younger generation, and the historic role played by Mahatma Gandhi and his supporters. Approximately 450 photographs echo the exhibition’s humanitarian themes. The life-long belief of Gandhiji that truth is the essence of a moral, spiritual life and its discovery as an ever-evolving process should be uplifted by the new generations in future.
The inauguration of Cultural Club of Al Ameen college for the year 2015-16 was held in the college Auditorium on 04.08.2015 The Chief Guest of the day was Sri A.A.Siyad, All Kerala Film Producers Association and secretary, Al Ameen Educational Trust Dr.Junaid Rahman, Manager of Al-Ameen College in his presidential remarks, expressed hopes of achieving many more such laurels to the Institute in the future. Principal of the college, Prof. Dr. Anita Nair welcomed the gathering. Prof. K R Davis, Convener of Cultural club shared his experiences. Following the formal program, various events such as oppana, group dance, skit, daffmuttu were held at the venue.
Inauguration of Cultural Club On 04/08/2015
The inauguration of Cultural Club of Al Ameen college for the year 2015-16 was held in the college Auditorium on 04.08.2015 The Chief Guest of the day was Sri A.A.Siyad, All Kerala Film Producers Association and secretary, Al Ameen Educational Trust. Dr.Junaid Rahman in his presidential remarks, expressed hopes of achieving many more such laurels to the Institute in the future. Principal of the college , Dr. Anita Nair welcomed the gathering. Prof. K R Davis, Convener of Cultural club shared his experiences Following the formal program, various events such as oppana, group dance, skit, daffmuttu were held at the venue.
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Equal Opportunity Cell

Al-Ameen College has introduced Equal Opportunity Cell in order to curb down the deprivations that the marginalized groups, identified as SC, ST, OBC (non creamy layer), minorities and physically challenged students. Student representatives of the cell
Sudheesh V.S.
Vishnu K.V.
Nithya O.U
Divya Raju
Aims and Objectives of the cell
1) To provide guidance and counselling to students with respect to academic ,financial,social and other matters and to oversee the effective implementation of policies and programs for disadvantaged groups
2) To create an atmosphere of Equal Opportunity through awareness generation programmes.
3) To tailor development and sensitization programmes to meet the distinct needs of the students.
4) To expedite legal redressal in matters of violation of equal opportunity.


Equal Opportunity Cell Activity Pictures

Equal opportunity cell was conducted a seminar on 9.10.2015 at mini seminar hall of Al – Ameen college, Edathala. The programme was conducted by Adv Sudarsanakumar and B.Com (computer applications) students. The duration of the programme was two hour. The programme was specifically designed to inculcate information about consumer protection the objective of this programme was to offer practical sides of giving complaint according to consumer protection act. The programme was very informative and interesting to the students. The programme inspired many students and prompted them to make wise decisions.
Seminar On Equal Opportunity Cell On 25/02/2014
Equal Opportunity Cell of Al-Ameen College conducted a seminar on EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES at conference hall at 2.00 P.M. The programme was presided by Prof. K.M. Abdul Kareem, Principal, Al-Ameen College, Edathala. The Resource person of the programme was Mr. Vijaya Kumar(HRD Manager,AEON Food and Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd.).In this seminar he clearly explained the equal opportunities ,scholarships and rights of the marginalized sections of the society under R.T.E.Act.The session was very interesting and informative to the students.
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Anti-Drug Cell

Anti-drug cell in the campus envisages a drug-free campus where students, teachers and other staff are fully aware of the necessity to stay away from drug abuse and do so. As youngsters are more exposed to drugs and their channels these days it is a Herculean task to bring them back and different strategies have to be worked out to attain this goal. Ground level campaigns, awareness programmes, surveys to understand the trend, and seeking the help of psychologists, if needed, can be part of the programme. The participation of students has to be ensured in all these endeavors. The support of law and order needs to be sought whenever necessary.


Anti-Drug Cell Activity Pictures

Anti Drug cell and Counseling cell conducted an Awareness programme on 18th June 2015 .In this programme all the college students participated .On this day Excises inspector .,Sri Bhuvana Chandran had given a lecture on Anti Drug, counseling session handled by Mr. Reji Jacob (Faculty counseling Centre, Aluva)
Awareness on Drug Abuse
Anti-drug cell of Al Ameen college distributed leaflets and conducted campaigns to spread awareness on drug abuse. Sajith Kumar, CI, Alwae excise, lead the programme. Prof. K M Abdul Karim, Principal, Prof. Abdul Salam, Anti-drug cell convenor, K Rajkumar, preventive officer and M S Shivakumar and P J Jayakumar, civil officers, participated in the campaign. P Parvathi expressed gratitude
It was a promise from heart as students of Al-Ameen College joined hands against drug abuse and vowed that they would never abuse drugs as local MLA, Superintendent of Police, Principal and teachers proudly watched. They added that if they notice drug abuse by their friends, they will inform the police in no time. Prof. K M Abdul Kareem administered the oath as local MLA, SP and panchayat president joined. The venue was anti-drug campaign held as part of Clean Campus Safe Campus project, jointly organized by Al-Ameen College Anti Drugs Cell, NSS Unit and Kerala Police Department. "The so-called new generation films are trying to misguide students and if their minds stagger a bit, they are prone to slip to danger," said Anvar Sadath, MLA, as he inaugurated the function. Sathish Bino, Ernakulum Rural SP, delivered the keynote address. Biji George, Nodal officer of Clean Campus Safe Campus Project and DCRV DySP, V K Sanal Kumar, DYSP, Aluva, AMM Muneer, Panchayat President, Edathala, P A Faizal, Sub Inspector, Aluva East, Professor T A Jose, P M Abdul Hakkeem, NSS Programme Officer and Abdulsalam, Anti-drug cell convenor spoke on the occasion. Advt. A K Sreekanth led the awareness classes for students.
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Sexual Harassment Prevention Cell

The vision of this club is to provide the place of work and study free from sexual harassment and exploitation. This can be achieved by creating awareness among all on the legal proceedings related to it. The club aim to protect the women from all types of harassment-physical or verbal. It also helps them in the hour of need.


Sexual Harassment Prevention Cell Activity Pictures

Seminar on Anti-Sexual Harassment Held on 23/09/2014
The Anti Sexual Harassment Club commenced its functions formally during this academic year on 23/09/14 with the inauguration of the club by Advocate Mrs. Bobbey Raphel at 2.00 P.M in the seminar hall. The function started with a silent prayer. The participants were welcomed by Mrs. Kala.N, Convenor Anti-Sexual Harassment Club. She also remarked that despite Kerala, being a fully literate state with socio-economic indicators comparable to that of developed nations, the number of sexual harassment cases reporting to the womens commission is increasing at an alarming pace with over 700 cases monthly. It is indeed shameful for the entire society. Advocate Mrs. Bobbey Raphel delivered the key note address. She explained about different laws and regulations of the state and different acts drawn by our government to protect the women and children against sexual harassment. She has drawn examples from her own experiences from different cases handled by her. Legal proceeding in this matter was also explained in detail. The views and experiences of the students and other faculties were invited in the seminar. Almost 6 students shared their views in it. The seminar concluded with a message by the convener that "Women and children have the right to live with dignity". Regeena.K.P, another faculty member of the club delivered vote of thanks. All together it gained the attention of students.
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Language Association

Language association has been formed in our college in 2013. This is an association of Arabic, Hindi & Malayalam languages. As these are additional languages there is no separate association for these languages. The main aim of the association is to develop the creativity among the students and also to develop their interest in literary activities.


Language Association Activity Pictures

UGC Sponsored Language National Seminar Held On 17/02/2016 & 18/02/2016
A UGC sponsored national seminar was decided on 17 th and 18 th of February, 2016 by the Dept. of English and the Dept of Languages on the topic Scope and Challenges in Translation with Reference to English, Hindi, Malayalam and Arabic. But due to unforeseen Hartal on the decided date, it was postponed to 18 th and 19 th of February. The ceremony was inaugurated by The Manager, Dr. Junaid Rahman as opposed to the pre scheduled faculty, Dr. J. Letha, Vice Chancellor, CUSAT. The programme was conceived in six sessions in two days. The invited talks comprised of Dr. Devaki Antharjanam, Prof. C.S. Jayaram, Asst Prof Yahya Khan U.P, Dr. K.M Sheriff, Dr. Arsu and Sujith Sudhakar from Keltron Institute of Medical Transcription. The function was also enriched with the paper presentations by various faculties, research scholars and students from different colleges and institutions.
The Language Association Inauguration Held On 27/08/2014
The Language Association (Hindi, Malayalam, and Arabic) inauguration was conducted on 27-8-2014 at Seminar Hall at 2 P.M. Famous Translator and Poet Mr. Venu.V.Desom was the resource person who inaugurated the function. Presidential address by Prof. Safia C.K Dept. of Chemistry, Principal in charge.
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Medical Inspection Club

The interest which the state takes in the health of its citizens find its latest expression in the care of youth. Healthy children and young people must of necessity remain possessed of this same vigor when they become adults. Throughout the civilized world education is to a large degree compulsory. Few things so much interfere with the college work as sickness. Hence there has always been considerable co-operation between. The latest move in this direction is in the medical inspection of educational institution. The medical inspection now a days include not only the consideration of contagious diseases but also a study of all children from the point of view of health and physical perfection. So, Al- Ameen College, Edathala has appointed Dr.Haneesh Meerasa ( General Hospital,Ernakulam) as Medical Inspector.


Medical Inspection Club Activity Pictures

Seminar on "BASIC LIFE SUPPORT" On 30/12/2014.
The Medical Inspection Club organized a programme on "Basic Life Support" for the students of Al-Ameen College, Edathala on 30/12/2014 at conference hall . The programme was conducted with the objective to impart a practical awareness about "Frist Aid" to the students of Al-Ameen College ,Edathala. The programme was presided by Prof. K.M. Abdul Kareem, Principal, Al-Ameen College, Edathala. The Convenor Shahanoor Beegum welcomed the gathering. The Resource person of the programme was Dr.Haneesh Meerasa (General Hospital , Ernakulam).The fist topic discussed was about Cardiac Massage. Then he told about sudden action that we should do, when food particles stuck in the throat for adults and babies. He demonstrated the situations with various tools. At last he discussed about various precautions that we should take when different accidents occur. It was an interactive session where the students were cleared their doubts and were able to express their view points. The students were highly motivated with the session and their positive response and enthusiasm was highlighted from their feed back.The programme ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Prof. Leena Varghese.
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Sports Club


Sports Club Activity Pictures

"Olympic Day Run" Held on 23/06/2015
Kerala Olympic Association conducted "Olympic Day Run" in Kochi On 23rd June 2015 .The run was 3 km it starts from Maharaja’s stadium to Marine Drive. From our college 50 students participated for the Run.
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