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NATIONAL SEMINAR ON "Nanomaterials-Synthesis And Characterization"on 6th,7th December 2018
Post Graduate Department of Physics in collaboration with International And Inter University Center For Nano science & Nanotechnology (IIUCNN), M.G University, Cosponsored by KSCSTE is organizing NATIONAL SEMINAR ON "Nanomaterials-Synthesis And Ch

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Department of Physics

The Department was launched with the BSc degree course under the Mahatma Gandhi University in 2000. In 2004, the department launched the MSc Programme in Physics (Self Financing). The Department offers an undergraduate programme in Physics (Model II under the Choice Based Credit and Semester System) and a postgraduate course with specialisation in Electronics. The faculty of the department consists of three permanent members and four guest members. Every year about 25 students are admitted to the B Sc programme on the basis of merit and reservation policy of the government. The past students of the department are holding teaching positions in academic institutions and also holding good positions in various IT sector.

Teaching and Learning.

Advancement of the knowledge base through research and scholarship.

Leadership in service and outreach programmes.

To help prepare outstanding educators, scholars, and researchers.

To advance the profession of education, as broadly defined, through research on the science and art of teaching and learning, the application of clinical processes.

The effective uses of technology, and the analysis and development of leadership and educational policy.

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Department Activity Pictures

National Graduate Physics Examination (NGPE) Held On 21.01.2018
Depatment of Physics, Al-Ameen College,Edathala conducted the National Graduate Physics Examination (NGPE) for BSc. Physics students on January 21,2018 in association with Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) .Ten students have registered for the examination and nine among them appeared for the examination. Dr. Sreeja S coordinated the programme.
One Day Seminar -“Evolution of Universe” Held On 25.11.2017
Department of Physics organized a programme” General aspects of Astronomy and cosmology”. The programme was conducted on November 25, 2017 at the college auditorium. Dr. Sreeja. S, Programme coordinator welcomed the gathering. Dr.VC Kuriakose, Rtd Faculty, Department of Astrophysics delivered a talk on the General aspects of Astronomy and cosmology followed by a demonstration class in telescope making which was handled by Dr Tharanath.R, Assistant Professor, Aquinas College, Edakochi. After this session, Dr Nijo Varghese, Professor, Christ college did a demonstation session on “Stellarium-a virtual sky watch”. The students enjoyed the programme and made 6 telescopes themselves.
Department of Physics organized a programme” Learning Physics through experiments”,for the understanding of basic theory in physics through experimental demonstrations. The programme was conducted on 10 th November 2017 and started at 9.30 a.m in the college auditorium. Dr. Sreeja. S, programme coordinator welcomed the gathering and programme was felicitated by Prof.M B Shashidharan ,Vice principal Al-Ameen college Edathala .The resource person Mr. Ravishankar a renouned Educationalist from Chennai explained basic theories in Physics by demonstating through various experiments. The students from UG and PG participated in the programme. There was a good interaction between the students and the subject expert. The programme was very interesting and the students gained good value from the programme.
OLD AGE HOME VISIT On 30/08/2017
Department of Physics, Al-Ameen College,Edathala organized an old age home visit programme on 30/08/2017.Graduate and Post graduate students of the department visited the ‘Shanthigiri Old Age Home’ at Chunangamveli and gifted sweets and some other daily necessity things to the residents over there. The students spend 1 ½ hours with the residents and had lot of fun. The students conducted some entertainment programmes and the residents shared their good old memories with the students.
Depatment of Physics, Al-Ameen College,Edathala conducted a mock test of CSIR-UGC NET, Physical Sciences examination on June 07,2017 in association with Academy of Physics Teachers(APT). Twenty three students from first and second MSc. Physics classes appeared for the examination. Dr. Sreeja S coordinated the programme.
"Workshop on Energy and Eco friendly LED Light Bulb Assembling" Held on 20/02/2016
The Post Graduate Department of Physics organized "Workshop on Energy and Eco friendly LED Light Bulb Assembling" in connection with the National Science day with the Sponsorship of Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment and the support of "Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India" on 20th February at Al- Ameen College, Edathala. The main focus of the workshop was to encourage the scientific temperament among students through technological innovations.

The inauguration ceremony started at 9.30 a.m in the Seminar hall of Al-Ameen College. The inaugural session was presided over by Prof. M. B. Sasidharan, Principal-in -charge. Dr. Sreeja. S, Head of the Department of Physics welcomed the gathering. Dr. Suresh Nair, Chief Technology Officer, Nest Group inaugurated the workshop and addressed the students. The talk was successful in elucidating the importance of this technological workshop and in inculcating an interest in new trends taking place in the energy efficient lighting systems. The session ended at 10.00 a.m ,with Prof.Hiba Rahman, Assistant professor of Physics Department proposing vote of Thanks.


"Talk on the basics of LED"

Resource person: Dr. S. Sankararaman Associate Professor, Nirmala College,Muvattupuzha

This session commenced at 10.30 A.M in the seminar hall.In this session, the resource person made the audience aware of the need of energy conservation and the novel methods adopted for this. He explained the curious audience how LED lights can be designed to emit light in the required colour, suitable for any environment to provide a conducive and pleasant atmosphere. He added that ,LED lights are eco friendly and so, one of the best solutions for the global warming problem, which is a threat for nature. He presented an energy audit report to make the students aware of the need of replacement of the conventional lighting by eco friendly and energy efficient LED Bulb to reduce the energy consumption


Technical Session -1

Resource person: Dr.S.Sankararaman, Associate Professor,Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha

The second session started in the Physics Laboratory at In the second session, the resource person rendered hands on training in the assembly of LED light bulb assembling. The technical session started with the very basic technique of use of soldering iron, specification of various components used in the assembling etc. This session helped the students to understand the basic procedure of assembling the components like capacitor and resistor for making various kinds of LED lights .Moreover this training gave them the confidence to assemble a Light System on their own. This session was really an opportunity for the students to evaluate the theoretical knowledge they gained in the classroom and train them to the effective power management.


Technical Session -2

Resource person: Dr.S.Sankararaman, Associate Professor, Nirmala College,Muvattupuzha

In this Technical Session, the students assembled LED bulbs independently. Students were provided with a kit containing a soldering iron and 2 LED light bulbs of 7 Watts and 9 Watts. The bulbs provided were unassembled. Under the supervision of the Resource person and his helpers, the students assembled the bulbs. The technical session series was enthusiastically received by the students and was successful in its stated objective of encouraging the scientific temperament through technological innovations. They were also taught what are the major causes of failures in these bulbs and how can we overcome these failures. The students themselves replaced the burnt capacitors and made the damaged bulb working.


Our resource person declared themselves extremely happy with the responses they elicited from the students .This workshop was a technological treat to the participants .There was almost 75 participants in this workshop. The non teaching staff from our college also actively participated in the workshop and their enthusiasm to learn this technique was really amazing. The participants were given certificates. The students were given to LED bulbs and the soldering iron to their home. This workshop provided the confidence to conduct the training in a large scale to the unorganized women in our panchayath and thus will help us to realize our dream "Science for Society", a reality.
SKY WATCH ON 15-16/01/2016
Department Of Physics organized a Sky Watch on 15 th January 2016. The program was carried out under the supervision of DR.N.Shaji, Asso.Professor, Govt.Polytechnique College, Perumbavoor The program started at 6.00 pm with an introduction about the night sky. The visible objects of night sky were explained. Software called Stellarium which is available for free was introduced in front of the students. The software helps us to view the positions of stars and celestial objects which are present in the sky. It also gives us information about the position of stars in the past. After the small introduction given we proceeded on to watching some objects in the night sky using the telescope. During the session we could watch the moon in a very close range in which students saw the craters in moon with great proximity. Some constellations and bright stars were also observed using the telescope at night. At around 11.00 pm the session was wrapped up. At 4.00 am the next session started. Planets such as mercury, Venus and some other bright stars were also sighted early in the morning. Students got a chance to use a telescope and watch the objects for real envisioning minute details. The program helped students to get an idea about how it will be to work in this field dealing with night sky and the objects present in the space. We hope to have created an impact on the students about the depth of the subject that are available for study.
Dept. of Physics conducted a programme for the students of Al-Ameen College in the new year year day. The programme “Word to the World” offered a platform for the students to come up with new ideas, messages, thoughts to share with the society. Many students wrote their feelings, confusions, sorrows, experiences, dreams, visions and put it in a box kept in the college veranda. The best article was selected by a committee formed in the Department. Ms. Sufeera ,II B.Com Tax student got the prize for the best note .She shared her anxieties about terrorism , communalism, and refugee crisis. She reminded the need of a peaceful world free from these terrors. Principal Dr. Anita Nair handed over the prize to Ms.Sufeera. Congrats to Sufeera
Community extension program of physics department was inaugurated by Ms. Sheeba Ameer, Chairman, ‘A charitable trust supporting children suffering from The program ‘Kanivu’ started with a vision of a commitment and empathy among the students Solace – long term illnesses’. cultivating towards the weaker section of the society. The students and teachers raised an amount of Rs. 35000/- and handed over to solace for the medical support of children suffering from various diseases. The department decided to continue the service by collecting Charity is not something to be realized through donation, but rather it is a feeling of oneness in human suffering. By realizing this, two of our MSc students, Haritha and Anu came forward to become the volunteers in Solace. We also collected toys, colour pencils and toys story books for the playhouse (Kaliveedu) for children in the Government one rupee from one student per day. Co-operative Medical College, Kalamassery and handed over to Ms. Ashitha, the regional co-coordinator of Solace. Dr. Anita Nair, Principal of Al-Ameen college presided the Dr. Sreeja S, HOD of Physics welcomed the gathering. function and rendered the support to this initiative.
In connection with Al-Ameen fest, Physics department conducted an exhibition based on the theme “International Year of Light”. The exhibition focused on the topic of light science and its applications. From sunset to rainbows; from the blues and greens of ocean to the remarkable range of colours of plants and animals, our first experience of light and colour are through what we see in the natural world. The exhibition of light opened the wonders of light through simple experiments and shows. The planetarium ‘Aurora’ was exactly a feast to the eyes for the visitors. It was a dome shaped projection screen onto which scenes of planets, stars and other celestial objects are made to appear. The video show of stars and galaxies in connection with this helped the students to become more aware of the wonders in the sky. The 3-D Holoshow – A show based on the technique ‘Holography’ opened up wonders of conversion of information storage from 2D to 3D. The laser dance show and the UV art show also were very interesting and was highly appreciated by the viewers.
Physics Department- Freshers Day Conducted on 1-09-2014
Function started at 2pm in the Language room with a silent prayer. Professor Jose T.A, HOD Physics presided the function. Fathima Thanveera Azeez welcomed the gathering. Vishnu , Rahada and Vivek Compaired the function. Assistant professors Sreeja S, Sreeja C , Renjini , Ameena and Anu felicitated the function. After the official function, there were Cultural programs of the first year students . Vote of Thanks was made by Abhilash , third Student. The function came to an end with a small refreshment.
National Science Day 2014 On 28/02/2014
The department of Physics observed 28th February as National Science Day in order to commemorate the invention of the Raman Effect in India by the Indian physicist, Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman on the same day in the year 1928. This year we have organized a seminar on "Non renewable Energy Resources" in connection with the National Science Day. The Seminar was inaugurated by Dr.Fr.George Peter Pittappilli, Director of Renewable Energy Centre, Mithradham, Aluva. The inaugural session was followed by inspiring lecture on “Non renewable Energy Resources” by Dr.Fr.George Peter Pittappilli. Prof.Jose.T.A,HOD,Dept.of physics presided the function. Prof.Wilson.C.Jacob and Prof.Sreeja S felicitated the gathering. The seminar gave an awareness to the student community about the “Need of preserving Natural Resources for Future”. The resource person detailed different forms of the Renewable energy and how we can make use of it in an effective and efficient manner. The students were actively participated and interacted in the seminar.Mr.Aby of II M.Sc Physics proposed vote of thanks.
We started the tour from the college at 6.30 A.M. Prof Jose T.A H.O.D Physics and the mother of Difna.K.Azad, third BSc student accompanied the tour.At 9am we reached Nenmara where we took the breakfast .On the way to Nelliyampathi we visted the Pothundi dam. We reached Nelliyampathi at 12 noon. For site-seeing we went to the orange estate and the tea estate. We returned around 2.30 pm and we took the lunch from a hotel in Nenmara. After that we went to Malampuzha, there we visited the dam and Hydrel Project. Some students enjoyed rope way ride and others enjoyed boating.Visit to Malampuzha was really an immemorable experience for them.We reached back to home around 2am.
The program started with the introduction of the Chief Guest Prof: Jose Mazhuvanchery, Lakshimi College,Paravoor to the audience by Prof: Jose T.A H.O.D Physics, Al-Ameen College,Edathala.Our Principal Prof:Abdul Kareem inaugurated the function. The class started at 10.45 am. The main point discussed was character formation. The second session started at 11.45 am. During that session Professor asked the audience to say any word you like. The said word’s meaning and usage was miraculously explained with historical bay ground. The program came to an end with the vote of thanks by Aby Joseph John Ist MSc student. Abiram Mohan III B.A English student made a special thanks for the immemorable talk.
The activities of Physics association were formally inaugurated on 02-12-2013 by Dr. A.Biju, Principal, M.E.S.College , Marampilly. The meeting started with a silent prayer. Ms. Aswathy V.J of first Year B. Sc welcomed the gathering. The meeting was presided over by the respected Principal Prof. K. M. Abdul Karim. Head of the Department , Prof. Jose. T.A felicitated the function. In the key note address the chief guest Dr. A. Biju reminded the students to be aware of of the new trends in Physics in the current scenario. He also inspired the students by his mind storming lecture on “Nano Science and Nano technology”. He explained the scopes and challenges in Nano Science and Nano technology. Mr.Aby of first year M.Sc proposed the vote of thanks. The session came to an end with National anthem.
Poster Exhibition on "Science and Society" HELD ON 20/11/2013
Department of Physics conducted the inauguration of Poster Exhibition on "Science and Society" in connection with National Education on 20/11/2013 at 10.00 A.M in the conference hall.The programme started with silent prayer.Student representative Ms. Anju Sukumar welcomed the gathering.The meeting was presided by the principal Prof.K.M.Abdul Karim, Prof.Jose.T.A,H.O.D of Physics department felicitated the function.The programme was concluded with the vote of thanks of Mr.Aby Joseph John(I MSc).The exhibition was inaugurated by the principal and it was opened to all from 11.00 A.M onwards.A workshop was conducted in our Physics lab for +2 students.It was mainly intended to create an awareness on physics lab equipments and for doing practicals in their labs.Students of Al-Ameen International Public School participated in this workshop.The exhibition mainly focused on science related facts and recent scientific developments that are much helpful to our society.In the afternoon session, a power point presentation was also conducted on "Science ad Myth" by our second year PG student Mr.Rinas Kareem in the conference hall.
A blood grouping cum donation camp preceded by awareness class on blood donation and poster session was conducted successfully under the auspices of Department of Physics on 20/6/2103 in connection with World Blood donor’s day. The function was inaugurated by College Principal Prof.K.M.Abdul Karim and presided by Head of the Department Prof.Jose.T.A., Dr.Suleikha Marikkar ,Retd.D.M.O.,Govt.Hospital,Aluva gave an awareness class to the students about the need of blood donation in the current society. It enables the students to become aware of their social and moral duties and initiates them into social and community service. In the Blood Donation Camp, 40 students of the college and teachers donated their blood. Laminated blood group identity cards and donor cards(offering right to a unit of blood without replacement) and certificate of appreciation were given to donors.
Resource Person:Prof. P.R Raghavan
Former Head of the Department
S.S.V College Ayrapuram
Career Guidance and Campus Selection Program
Department of Physics Conducted a Career Guidance and Campus Selection Program with the help of King Fisher Company at 2 Pm on 14/03/13. The Chief Executive Allan Thomas Lead the Program. From the Preliminary Test, Mohammed saddick of IIIrd B.Sc was Selected for the Final Round Selection.
Quiz Competition on 28-02-2013
Anwar Sadath MLA was the chief Guest. He inaugurated the function.Trust Members Jb K.Hamsa,Jb K.M Shamsudheen and the Principal in charge Safia C.K made the felicitation speeches.
National Science day Celebration on 28-02-2013
Awareness Program was conducted by the Physics Department in connection with the National Science day. The Program started at 2pm. Jose T.A ( HOD ,Physics Dept , Al-Ameen College) flag off the program. First the students and teachers went to Al-Ameen International Public School, Edathala. They took seminar in connection with the National Science day. Questions were asked. Prizes were given to the students who gave correct answer. After that we divided to form small groups and went to nearby schools and repeated the procedure. Around 4:30 Pm, this Program also came to an end.
Seminar on “High Temperature and High density Quantum Field Theory"
The Resource person, Dr. V.J. Peter, St.Pauls College, Kalamassery
Fresher’s day
Fresher’s day and General Body meeting of Physics Association were conducted.


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