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The Department of Chemistry offers an undergraduate programme in Petrochemicals. This course, started in 1996, is in aided stream. The curriculum involves disciplines comprising of Chemistry and Petrochemicals as the core subjects, Mathematics and Computer Science as complimentary subjects, and English as a common subject in 1st and 2nd semester. There is no second language. This course is approved of as equivalent to BSc. Chemistry by the M.G. University.

The course provides an overview of the Petrochemical and Chemical industries as far as the syllabus is concerned, since it covers the complete syllabus of BSc. Chemistry main in addition to Petrochemistry. The course covers general aspects concerning petroleum, the formation of petroleum, refinement of petroleum, process in petrochemical industry and petrochemicals. On-the -job training, as a part of curriculum, provides chances for improving the skills essential for handling the equipment and instruments in the laboratories. Factory visits improve the chances to be exposed to the different processes used in industries as well as their applications.

Petrochemicals has become an essential part of the chemical industry today. The petrochemical sector has been one of the fastest growing sectors in the world economy. The course provides opportunity for career development in various fields related to petroleum, petrochemicals and polymer based industries. This course is a stepping stone to higher studies in any stream of Chemistry or Petroleum Chemistry. It also finds scope in petroleum and petrochemical industries as well as chemical industries.

Our vision is to promote and strengthen the mission stipulated by the institution, by providing quality education required for a diverse and changing world and to mould our students as dutiful citizens.

Our mission is to provide a fostering and favorable environment for teaching and learning Chemistry, to enable the graduating students to understand the many ways Chemistry affects everyday life, to familiarize them with the handling of chemicals and instrumentation, to prepare them for a career related to various fields of chemistry and to enhance the skills of students to thrive professionally as well as develop their research mentality for the betterment of the society.

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The Inaugural Ceremony of petrochemical association 2017-2018 was conducted on 13 th December 2017 at 1.30 pm by Biju Sukumaran, Ex-Reliance Petroleum Logistics staff in the mini seminar hall. Dr. Anita Nair, principal of our college presided over the meeting. Prof. Indu, HoD of Chemistry welcomed the gathering. Inaugural function was followed by a seminar on Basics of Petroleum Logistics such as offshore logistics system, cargo operations, bulk storage tank farm the chief guest. The chief guest and the Principal distributed certificates of Certificate Course In Geology conducted last year. Muhsina MK of first BSc Petro delivered vote of thanks. The function came to an end at 3pm.
Ozone Day Celebrations Held On 20/09/2017
Department of Chemistry conducted Ozone Day Celebrations Held On 20/09/2017 with financial assistance from KSCSTE.
Department of Chemistry organized seminar on “Wetlands-Water Security and Risk Reduction” in connection with the World Wetland Day with the sponsorship of erala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment on 9 th February, 2017 at Al-Ameen College, Edathala. The main focus of the seminar was to aware the public , discuss the value of wetlands, its beneficial aspects as well as to promote its conservation and use for enhancing the overall level of the human health, growth and development.
The inaugural ceremony of petrochemical association 2016-2017 was conducted on 22-12- 2016 at 11.00 A.M by Dr.P. AnanthaPadmanabhan, Associate Professor, Maharajas College. Prof. M.B Sasidharan, vice principal of our college presided over the meeting. Sethulakshmi of III B.Sc Petro welcomed the gathering and Prof.Indu, HOD of Chemistry delivered keynote address. The chief guest also inaugurated certificate course in Geology. Inaugural function was followed by a seminar on Basics of Chemistry and spectroscopy by the chief guest. The function came to an end at 12.30 and Ajmal B.A.of II B.Sc. delivered vote of thanks.
Department organized an inter-department Quiz competition and a documentary presentation in connection with World Science Day celebration 2016. Department also organized an outreach programme for children of Nochima Government School on the same day. Jishnu Omanakuttan and Meenakshy K.R. Of final year degree students demonstrated a number of experiments in chemistry to school children which are capable of creating scientific interest and curiosity in them. Cash prizes to the winners of Quiz competition were handed over by Principal Dr. Anita Nair at the end of programme.
Department of Chemistry organized an Outreach Programme for Children of Nochima Government School in connection with the world science day on 10-11- 2016. Jishnu Omanakuttan and Meenakshy K.R. of final year degree students demonstrated a number of experiments in chemistry to school children which are capable of creating scientific interest and curiosity in them
Department celebrated Mole Day on 26 TH October 2016 by organizing a Poster Exhibition. Principal Dr. Anita Nair inaugurated the function. This programme gives awareness on significance of Avogadro number and mole concept to the students of our department and others also.
Al Ameen College, Edathala is the pioneer Institution in the introduction of BSc. Petrochemicals programme in M.G. University. Department of Chemistry organised a one day workshop on” EVALUATION OF QUALITY PARAMETERS OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS” on 12 th of August 2016 to expand the network of knowledge to the staff and students of other colleges who have subsequently started providing UG programme in petrochemicals. Seven students and two teachers of Pavanathma College, Murikkassery and all the second year students of our college attended the programme. Dr.Leji Latheef and ShibiniMol P.A. of our department demonstrated experiments such as Softening point and Penetration of bitumen, distillation of low boiling and high boiling petroleum products, Reid vapour pressure determination, viscosity of diesel, surface tension of kerosene, density of light oils etc. The workshop succeeded in providing basic awareness in the field of “EVALUATION OF QUALITY PARAMETERS OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS” to the fledging department of Pavanathma College, Murikkassery and also beneficial to the students of our college.
Department of Chemistry organised a skill enhancement programme on the topic FOOD PRESERVATION on 20 th January 2016 at the Mini Seminar hall. The resource person was Mrs. Roseline. She demonstrated the preservation of seasonal fruits such as pine apple, apple, grapes etc as squash and jam. She also familiarised the participants with various additives added for preservation such as sodium benzoate as preservative, citric acid, artificial flavours and thickening agents like Pectin which is a fibre rich carbohydrate obtained from plant cell wall. The session started at 1.30 pm came to an end at 4.30 pm. Students of all the three petrochemical classes along with people(house wives) from neighbourhood, teachers and nonteaching staff attended the programme.
Inauguration of Petrochemical Association 2015-2016 Held On 02/12/2015
The inaugural ceremony of petrochemical association 2015-2016 was conducted on 02-12-2015 at 11.00 A.M by T. PRADEEP KUMAR, senior manager, BPCL, Kochi. The venue was seminar hall. Dr. Anita Nair, principal of our college presided over the meeting. Issac Babu of IBSc petro welcomed the gathering and Prof. Indu, HoD of Chemistry delivered keynote address. The chief guest presented cash prize to Shameeme Raihan, topper of BSc.Petrochemicals 2012-2015and memento was handed over to Vishnu Raj of III BSc.for becoming first runner up in kick boxing championship. Inaugural function was followed by a seminar on Basics of Petroleum refining by the chief guest. The function came to an end at 12.30 and Sethu Lakshmi delivered vote of thanks
Induction class for first year students Held On 08/09/2015
Department of Chemistry arranged an Induction class for first year students on 8th September, 2015 by Mr. Madhusoodhanan Nair, Deputy Manager, KRL, Kochi. He gave a short narration about Petroleum Industry, origin and recovery of Petroleum and importance of petroleum in current scenario. The session was informative and interesting.
The department of chemistry conducted an inter departmental essay competition on world food day, October at 3.00 P.M. The topic was pestcides in food - causes consequences and solutions. A total of 28 candidates participated in the programme The objectives of the programme was to
1. Create an awareness among students regarding food security and health
2.Initiate remedial measures at individual level and
3.Convey the theme message of world food day remembering our farmers -"FAMILY FARMING, FEEDING THE WORLD,CARING FOR EARTH".
The department of chemistry organized a seminar on BIO-DIESEL and catalysis at 2.00 P.M on 09-10-2014 at the college seminar hall.The resource person was Dr. ANIZ CU,Research Associate SUID CHEMIE INDIA PVT LTD, Edayar. It was an academic and awareness based programme in connection with energy crisis scenario. Dr. Aniz focused on the synthetic methods for bio diesel from oil seeds.He also emphasized on the role of catalysts in various reactions,preparation and properties of some important catalysts.The talk was highly informative. The HoD, Prof C K Safia welcomed the gathering and Prof.Indu delivered the vote of thanks.
The inaugural ceremony of petrochemical association 2014-2015 was conducted on 09-10-2014 at 1.00 P.M by Dr.ANIZCU,Research associate ,Suid-Chemie India pvtltd,Edayar The venue was our seminar hall.Prof.AbdulKarim presided over the meeting.Shri V ishnu Raj of II BSc petro welcomed the gathering and delivered vote of thanks.The function came to an end with national anthem.
PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN (Programme in connection with MANGALAYAN) Held On 24/09/2014
The students and staff of Chemistry department organized a programme on 24-09-2014 "PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN" to celebrate India's MANGALAYAN "MOM" success, becoming first among the world in her first attempt. Students prepared and exhibited charts showing details of the prestigious science satellite and the technology mastered by India.They celebrated this great victory in a thrilling manner and distributed sweets.Our tributes and salute to the architects of this mission.
The Department of Chemistry has initiated a sponsorship program extending one year w.e.f July 2014 for patients requiring dialysis treatment. These dialysis treatment was offered on a monthly basis amounting to Rs750/- per patient, at district hospital Aluva.
The Department of Chemistry implemented an endowment amounting to Rs 10000/-towards offering a cash award of Rs. 1001/- for the topper student of BSc.Petrochemical program with effectfrom 2013ac.year onwards.The winner of 2013-2014 academic year was Miss Aswathy K.G.
The Petrochemical Alumni Association meeting was convened on 9-6-2014 at 2.00 P.M.The venue was the conference hall of our college.Forty alumni participated .The head of the department addressed the gathering. An executive committee consisting of 5 members was elected for the academic year 2014-2015 from them.The meeting came to an end by 4.30 P.M.
The department of chemistry organized a programme "Greening the Campus" in connection with world environmental day celebration on 5th June 2014. Our students whole heartedly participated in the programme and planted plants in pots to make a departmental garden.
Seminar on "Energy Crisis and CNG" On 06/03/2014
Department of Chemistry conducted a seminar on the topic "Energy Crisis and CNG" on 06/03/2014 at Seminar Hall. The resource Person was Mr. Harinath V, Manager, BPCL, Kochi Refinery. The objective of this programme was to give an awareness about the energy crisis and the importance of CNG as a fuel. He explained that one of the reasons for the energy crisis is the disparity between high demand ratio and low supply. He focused on CNG as a substitute in place of gasoline, diesel fuel and LPG as the combustion produces fewer undesirable gases when compared to the above fuels. The speaker also explained the advantages of CNG as a transport fuel. The disadvantage includes the cost and storage facility. The interactive session was excellent. The feedback from students indicated that the program was very much beneficial to them in understanding the benefits of CNG.
National science day was celebrated in the department on February 28, 2014. The Science day celebrations was inaugurated by Shri G. Madhusoodanan Nair, Quality Control Officer, BPCL Kochi Refinery. The theme of science day 2014 was "Fostering science temper". In order to create a deep sense and awareness of this theme among the students, the department arranged a dual program- one related to energy crisis and the other a poster exhibition on science. The posters recollected the contributions of science for the betterment of humanity in various fields connecting science and society, and science and technology. The topic related to energy crisis was” Alternative Energy Sources” and the resource person was Shri G. Madhusoodanan Nair, Quality control officer BPCL Kochi refinery. He gave a clear -cut picture of renewable energy resources such as wind energy, tidal energy, solar power, biomass geothermal, nuclear power and hydrogen as a substitute to energy crisis, the advantages and dis advantages related with these. The feedback from students indicated that the program was very much beneficial to them in understanding the benefits of science to society.
U.G.C. Sponsored National Seminar -"Frontiers in Chemistry" On 20/02/2014
The U.G.C. sponsored national seminar "Frontiers in Chemistry"organized by Department of Chemistry was conducted on 20th February 2014 in the seminar hall. The inaugural session started at 9.30 a.m. The inaugural session was presided over by Adv. T.P.M.Ibrahim Khan ,Manager ,Al-Ameen Educational Trust.Head of the Department of Chemistry ,Prof. C.K.Safia welcomed the gathering. The seminar was inaugurated by Mr.C.K.Soman ,General Manager,BPCL,Kochi Refinery. Principal Prof.K.M.Abdul Karim ,Jb.K.M.Shamsudheen ,Member ,Al-Ameen Educational Trust and Prof. Mohammed Thahir ,Manager ,Al-Ameen Public School, Chandiroor felicitated the seminar.Vote of thanks was proposed by Prof.M.I.Mathew, faculty member,Department of Chemistry. The academic sessions started at 11 A.M The key note address was delivered in the first session by Dr.A.T.Biju ,Senior Scientist, CSIR, National Chemical Laboratory,Pune. The topic for the session was "Transition – metal-free carbon-carbon and carbon hetero atom bond forming reactions in Arynes".The second session was on the topic "Co-ordination versatility of some Aroyl compounds" which was engaged by b>Dr.Prathapachandra Kurup, Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry , CUSAT .Dr.Reji Varghese, Asst.Professor, IISER, Thiruvananthapuram, handled the third session which was on the topic,"Supra molecular chemistry - A General perspective". The next session was meant for presentation of papers in which four participants presented their papers. The seminar concluded at 4.30 p.m. with the valedictory session in which Dr.Anita Nair ,IQAC Co-ordinator presented the vote of thanks. The seminar was highly inspiring and informative and offered a common platform for the participants to know and discuss about modern developments in chemistry and related topics. About 150 participants including teachers, research scholars and post graduate students took part in the seminar .
The department of chemistry arranged a poster presentation on the miracle food cereal popular in Bolivia on 18-12 -2013.The year 2013 is officially recognized as the International year of quinoa by the food and agricultural organization of the united nations -FAO. Quinoa now has been singled out as a food with high nutrient value, Impressive bio- diversity and an important role to play in the achievement of food security worldwide. It is speculated as the world’s healthiest food by food scientists as it is a rich source of complete protein, dietary fibre , phosphorus, magnesium, iron and calcium. It is gluten free and in comparison to cereal grasses like wheat quinoa is higher in fat content and can provide valuable amounts of heart-healthy fats like mono unsaturated fat, ALA , anti inflammatory phyto nutrients and flavonoids. Also, it is a food source with rare amino acids essential for health.
Seminar on "FOOD SAFETY AND HAZARDS" Held On 25/11/2013
The Department of Chemistry conducted a seminar on the topic "Food safety and hazards" on 25/11/2013 at our seminar hall. It was a life style education awareness programme (LEAP) aimed at popularizing the concept of HACCP certification with respect to quality of food products among the younger generation ,especially students and to the public through them. The resource person was Dr. HariSharma, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, SSV College, Valayamchirangara, Perumbavoor. Prof. Safia C.K, HOD, Dept. of Chemistry welcomed the gathering. Prof. Abdul Kareem, Principal presided over the meeting. Dr. P.N Harisharma, in his keynote address, focused on the health hazards caused by unhealthy food habits of the present generation and lifestyle diseases out of it, the impact of low quality food stuffs and adulterated food in human beings. He insisted the student community to ravel out unhealthy food habits from their lifestyle, lucidly unveiling the health impacts resulted out of it and emphasized on the importance of the HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System), a world-wide recognized systemic and preventive system which addresses physical, chemical and biological hazards through anticipation and prevention rather than end product inspection and testing. He also discussed the advantages and applications of HACCP system for food safety.The audience interacted very well with the session and the feedback from our students indicated that they got much awareness about the food safety measures. Mr. Mathew M.I delivered vote of thanks. The programme was concluded with the National Anthem.
The Department of Chemistry conducted a Quiz programme "QUIZ IN SCIENCE" on 11/11/2013 in connection with National Education Day for 1st year students. The objective of this programme was to enhance the awareness of students in science. The Quiz master was Prof. Mathew M.I, of the Department. Four teams participated in the competition.
As a part of community extension programme , the Staff and Students of the department of chemistry decided to sponsor two patients of the THANAL PAIN AND PALLIATIVE CLINIC, EDATHALA for a period of ONE YEAR at the rate of Rs. 500/- for one patient per month. We handed over the amount of Rs.12000/- (twelve thousand only ) as the annual sponsorship for the two patients to the coordinator,Mr. RAJAN on 05-09-2013 at their office.We hope that such good deeds will inspire the students and help them to remember those who gave their today for our tomorrow and impart a sense of responsibility to the needy in life.The coordinator advised the students to participate along with them in palliative home care programmes as a social service to the society. Yes, We do believe in the saying the hands that help are holier than the lips that pray..
The department of chemistry conducted a seminar on the topic women and environment on 27-08-13 at the new seminar hall. The resource person was Prof. Usha S, former professor, department of zoology, of this college .The objective of this programme was to convey the message to the public that the protection and retention of a healthy environment is the fundamental duty of the individual itself and the role of women in achieving this goal. Woman, being the nucleus of her family, which is the basic unit of society, could contribute much towards this. Prof. Usha emphasized on the role of women in building up an eco-friendly society by popularizing and teaching the need of environmental protection in the present scenario. She pointed out that preliminary environmental education should begin from one’s home itself and mother should be the first teacher to the younger generation in this respect, especially in the controlled consumption of water and food materials. And also in practicing a culture of environmental cleanliness without polluting air, water and soil. She compared earth to a woman. Just like a woman play a pivot role in the overall development of her family the earth has the pivot role in maintaining the ecological balance of nature with its systems like mountains, forests, rivers, soil, ramsar-sitesin addition to the overall development and flourishing of fauna and flora of the environment. Any unhealthy practices affecting its balance may cause environmental calamities and may result in setting up oxygen breathing parlors or bottled oxygen in the nearby future similar to bottled drinking water. The world is facing the scarcity of drinking water, pure air and food materials. The love and care for nature should be cultivated in the minds of children from the very beginning of their childhood. The lesson of processing homely wastes, production of biogas and organic manure out of this, water management, cultivation of pesticide free organic vegetables should be taught and encouraged in each family. Each drop of water and each food grain should be handled with utmost care. Women should give primary importance to all these factors and act as role models to impart these qualities to the future generation. The participants included the staff and students of the department in addition to faculty members of various departments and parents of students. The talk was highly inspiring and impressing.
The Petrochemical Association of 2013-2014 was reconstituted on July 15, 2013 with five executive committee members, two each from final and second BSc students and one from first B.Sc Shri Rahul PR of III B.Sc was selected as secretary and Shri. Muneer E.A(II B.Sc) as the treasurer. The other members are Sumayya, Fathima Sarhana and Jose Jojo. The inauguration of the activities of the association was held on 27-08-2013 by Prof. Susha, former professor of the department of zoology,of this College.The association secretary welcomed the gathering.The principal presided over the function and he spoke on character formation and discipline among students. In her key-note address the chief guest, Prof. Usha reminded the student community that adopting an attitude of gratitude is like generating an antidote to unhappiness within oneself. Prof. C K Safia , the head of department, delivered felicitations for the function .She pointed out that we must grow up with the sense of gratitude to the society and nation from which we have received much in our lifetime and it is our responsibility to pay back to the society whenever we can.She declared before the audience the remarkable decision of the department for sponsoring two patients of Thanal Pain and Palliative centre, Edathala as a part of community extension programme of the department.The audience consisted of the students and staff of the department along with parents of the students. Ms. Sumayya KA proposed vote of thanks.The function came to an end with national anthem.
The purpose of education is to transform the students into dutiful citizens and work for the betterment of the society. As a part of our social service programme the staff and students of the department of chemistry visited an old age home and mental asylum – PRATHYASA BHAVAN at Malayidamthuruthu of Ernakulam district on 09-07-2013.We spent some quality time with them. We donated blankets, consumable items and eatables to the inhabitants.The aim of our visit was to teach our children that best prayers are through our good deeds, the true wealth of one’s life is a generous heart,a kind word,a life of service and compassion and when we give and share His (GOD’S) bounties with his creations, He lives within us, because it is a Godly act, we do it on His behalf.We hope that such visits will transform the students into good human beings beneficial to the society and there by to the nation.
The theme of Science Day 2013 is “Genetically Modified Crops And Food Security”. The Petrochemical Association of our department arranged a debate on this theme at 2 pm on 26-03-2013. All the students and teachers of the department participated in this debate. Arguments against and for GM crops were strong in matters like moratorium of GM crops as food, particularly in the present view of scarcity of food and uncontrolled growth of world population, violation of species barrier in genetic modification process, environmental and health consequences resulting from GM crops particularly BT modified GM crops, threat to biodiversity ,soil texture and micro organisms, the need of isolation zones between conventional and GM crops in agricultural fields, development of super bugs, super weeds, super virus, the need for labeling of GM crops, patent rules and the toxicological testing of conventional and GM crops available in the market included under food chain, vested interest of private sector research organisations in popularizing the GM crops etc. Students actively participated in the debate. The opposing and favoring views in terms of genetically modified and conventional crops and mutual comparisons between the two was a clear proof of their interest in understanding the changes happening around them.
Department of Chemistry organised a Seminar on the topic “Analytical Instrumentation & Applications in Pollution Sector" on 25th March 2013. Mr.V.K Rajeevan, Environmental Scientist, Kerala State Pollution Control Board was the resource person. He gave a detailed description and working of different instruments applicable to Environmental Pollution analysis such as Mass spectrometer, colorimeter, different chromatographic techniques such as Gas chromatography, HPLC, Ion exchange chromatography, emission & absorption spectro photometers etc. He was successful in introducing the terms and instrumentation for POP, PAH, PCB analysis etc. Topics covered are related to the present curriculum.
2013 is declared as the International Water Co-operation year by UN and March 22nd is celebrated as world water day. The theme of this is “Clean Water For Healthy Life”. As a matter of environmental awareness education programme the department arranged a poster exhibition on 22-03-13 in connection with World Water Day. The intention of the programme was to enlighten the youngsters about the protection of natural resources for the benefit of future generation and to make them understand the importance of clean water as the ELIXIR OF LIFE. The exhibition helped to convey the following messages such as, 1) Natural resources are the rights of future generations too, just like us. 2) The conservation of natural water sources is essential for the survival of healthy life 3) Importance of protection and retaining of Ramsar sites. 4) The consequences of deforestation and soil erosion. 5) Human actions leading to water pollution and its consequences. 6) The unscientific exploitation of nature’s wealth leading to scarcity of water, poverty as well as water pollution. 7) The best practices for water management and water conservation.
Department of Chemistry conducted an Essay competition on the topic “IS NUCLEAR ENERGY A SUBSTITUTE FOR ENERGY CRISIS “ Sixteen students of various classes participated actively. Shahul T.B of Ist B.Sc. Petrochemicals won 1st prize, Shameema Raihan of Ist B.Sc Petrochemicals got 2nd prize and Sreeraj Mani of IInd B.Com Tax won 3rd prize.
Industrial lab visit is an important part of education since it provides practical knowledge to students and helps to bridge the gap between class rooms and real working world. The department arrange a one day visit to the Central laboratory of Kerala State Pollution Control Board on 13-03-2013 for second and third B.Sc students. 41 students along with two teachers of the department attended the programme. The visit provided an excellent opportunity for the students to understand various test methods involving pollution analysis and analytical instruments involved in the analytical process. Areas of visit included, 1)The effluent testing lab where pH determination of effluent or drinking water sample, its acidity, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen content, total dissolved solids, BOD&COD etc are determined. 2)Heavy metal testing lab where presence of the heavy metals in drinking water or effluent are analysed using atomic absorption spectro photo meter. 3)TOC detecting lab where organic and inorganic carbon contents are detected, using TOC analyser. 4)TOX detecting lab where halogen bound organic compound is detected. 5)Biology & micro biology lab for detection of micro organism and bacteria, and preparation of culture media help full in its analysis. 6)Instrumentation lab: this lab is provided with sophisticated instruments like HPLC, CG with ECD and FID facilities, CG with ATD, Mercury analyzer based on cold vapour technique, atomic absorption emission spectro photo meter etc. The feedback from students indicated that the visit was very appreciable since the instruments and monitoring process in pollution are related to curriculum. It helped them very much in understanding the theoretical and practical principles involved.
The Resource Person Was dr. A.T Biju (Our Former student), Senior Scientist , Organic Chemistry division, NCL , Pune. The objective of the seminar was to enable the students to appreciate the achievements in chemistry, to understand the role of chemistry in nature & society, to familiarize them with the emerging areas of chemistry and its applications in various spheres of chemical sciences & to apprise of its relevance in future studies. Dr. Biju described chemistry as a language with its own vocabulary and a way of thinking. This seminar covered topics starting from a brief introduction to Organic Chemistry which is closely associated with our day to day life like the chemistry of vision and discussed the application of organic chemistry including its utility in Cosmetics, Dyes, Carotenoids, Hormones, Pharmaceuticals and of course food. He emphasized on the major areas of chemistry and various steps related to scientific methodology such as Theory, Law, Hypothesis, Inductive & deductive reasoning, models in science etc. He interacted with students very well and inspired them towards research field. The seminar recollected the words of the famous German Chemist Justus Von Liebig “ The study of Chemistry is possible not only in as much as it promotes the material interest of mankind, but also because it furnishes us with insight into those wonders of creation, which immediately surround us and with which our existence , life and development are most closely connected”.
Skill Development Program On "SOAP MAKING"
The resource person was Mr.Ezhupunna Gopinath from Kerala Shastra Sahithya Parishath.(District Committee Member) The participants include teachers & students of Nochima U.P School, Kudumbasree Unit, Students,Teaching & Non Teaching Staffs of Al-Ameen College. The objective of the program was to create scientific curiosity in younger generation, to enhance practical knowledge about chemicals in everyday life, to create interest in learning chemistry and to develop a chemically literate society and to enlighten the elder community towards entrepreneurship.The resource person pointed out the importance of "Quality Soap Making" at home and economical benefits out of it.
Celebrations aim to propagate the concept of national integration and communal harmony. Institutions with its blend of different communities and its culture can be considered as a small frame representing the nation. Programs connected with celebrations provide chances to students to express their talents and participate in cultural festivals of different communities , creating a feeling of oneness, mutual respect and cooperation among students. Onam & X'mas are celebrated in our institution. we hope these may mould them into ideal and dutiful citizens.
The Resource person was Dr.Sreekumar.S, Associate Professor, Dept. Of Geology And Environmental Sciences, Christ College, Irinjalakuda. The objective of this seminar was to enlighten the students regarding the importance of protection & conservation of our environment, the need to restrict human activities that cause environmental pollution and degradation. Dr.Sreekumar analyzed various topics related to land use changes & environmental impacts, problems & prospects of wetland studies, significance of wetland as heavens of bio diversity in supporting lakhs of people providing goods & services to them checking floods preventing coastal erosion, preserving water quality and recharging ground water aquifers, and the importance of Ramsar sites.
Visit to BPCL-Kochi Refinery on 28/03/2014
The industrial visit was conducted on 28th March 2012 for students of 6th semester. The team consisted of 24 students and two teachers of the department. The objective of the visit was to make the student understand the functioning of the refinery, various test methods and quality parameters and details of instrumentation. The areas of visit and instrumentation include process quality control lab, finished product lab, aviation turbine fuel testing lab, Ambient air and waste water analysis.
Petroleum Sector - An Overview
The resource person was Mr.V Pailee, Chief Manager, Quality Control Dept, BPCL , Kochi Refinery. He focused on the pricing mechanisms of petroleum products and the facts which lead to price hikes of petroleum products based on origin,quality,purity,regional & processing methods.It was a highly interesting & informative talk regarding administrative pricing mechanism(APM) & Market Determined Pricing Mechanism(MDPM) ,since petroleum price hikes cause world wide impacts both in public & private sectors.
Herbal and Natural Extracts on 14/07/2010
The Department of Chemistry organized a seminar on the topic "Herbal and Natural Extracts" on 14-07-2010 in the mini seminar hall. The resource person was Dr. Merina Benny of Arjuna Natural Extracts Aluva. She focussed on the herbal extracts as food supplements from turmeric, gooseberry and Gambooge (Pot Tamarind) in the prevention of cancer and reduction of cholesterol. The talk was highly informative. About 75 students participated in the programme.


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