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NATIONAL SEMINAR ON "Nanomaterials-Synthesis And Characterization"on 6th,7th December 2018
Post Graduate Department of Physics in collaboration with International And Inter University Center For Nano science & Nanotechnology (IIUCNN), M.G University, Cosponsored by KSCSTE is organizing NATIONAL SEMINAR ON "Nanomaterials-Synthesis And Ch

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Department of Economics

The Department of Economics was started in 1999 under the leadership of Prof. Rethina Raju. Since its inception this department has been performing well. It has been producing a number of competent and qualitative graduates. The department provides a stimulating venue for young economists. Its curriculum is vocational and stresses insurance. It provides employment opportunities to the outgoing students in the competitive insurance industry.

To improve quality of education through moral values.

To improve the standard of human resource skills.

To supplement the learning process through innovative teaching methods.

To orient students vocationally.

To create awareness of opportunities in the professional sector.

To train students to think and act rationally.

To make them independent and socially responsible citizens.

B A Economics -> Model II Vocational - Aided

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Workshop on need to implement GST on 10/01/2018
THE DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS organised a workshop on need to implement GST on 10/01/2018 in collaboration with department of commerce. The meeting was inaugurated by the joint registrar co-operative society. The one day conference provided insights in to the unknown details to be checked while paying GST in detail. About 75 participants from different Al Ameen institutions and cooperative societies participated in the one day workshop.
The demonetization of high denomination notes of 500 and 1000 on November 8 th , 2016 was a bold step taken by the Government of India. The government has made almost 86% of the currency in circulation out of the legal tender within a midnight. Its repercussions are still a controversial and vital topic of discussion in all spheres of Indian society. This substantive economic reform is meant to curb black money and counterfeit money and to encourage the move towards “Digital Currency”. Albeit the positive intention of government, withdrawing 86% of money in circulation has lead to huge cash shortages in all sectors and made Indian Economy a standstill. Even though the chaos made by demonetization to Indian society is debatable, it is true that the nation has experienced a downturn in economic indicators. This persuaded the authorities to take expansionary monetary and fiscal policies. It is in this juncture RBI has cut down monetary policy rates while the central government decides to infuse 2.11 lakh crore to the economy for recapitalisation of Public Sector Banks and to boost public spending. This sudden move quoted as “shock doctrine” however is described to benefit in the long run. The infusion of demand deposits in banks is indicative of an increased level of savings and thereby investments that will pave way to long term growth. After one year of demonetization, a high time is felt to discuss and review the effects of demonetization. As such the colloquium aims to unveil –
Whether the goals of De-monetization have been really achieved? ?
Does De-monetization made the economy in chaos? ?
Whether the measures taken by Reserve Bank and Govt.of India towards Re- monetization are successful?
Jiz Paul,
General Manager
, Catholic Syrian Bank
Dr. Mani K P
Former Professor
John Mathai Centre
University of Calicut
Visiting Professor
Dr Santhosh Kumar S
School of Management Studies
Sampu Nampoothiri N,
Head of the Department,
Department of Economics,
Sree Sankara College, Kalady
Shaju Moolan,
Managing Director,
Moolans Group
Dr Benny Antony
Managing Director,
Arjuna Extractions.
Students and faculties from multiple disciplines are cordially invited to participate and interact with the experts in colloquium.
The formal inaugural session started by 10AM.All distinguished dignitaries and other participants including external and internal faculties ,research scholars and students were given a warm welcome by Mrs Kala.N, Assistant Professor and convener ,organising committee. Sri.Suhas.IAS,Sub collector, Fort Kochi,inaugurated the seminar. He stressed on the importance of Rupee depreciation from the view point of common man. Rupee depreciation is simply the rise in the price level of commodities in the market. Rajan Varughese, former PVC MG University and HOD, Department of Economics, UC College. Aluva gave the Keynote address. He made a good reference to the initial history and period of changes in the international currency conversion. Adv. T.P.M. Ibrahim Khan(Chairman and convener Al-Ameen Educational Trust has delivered the presidential address and discussed the impact of rupee depreciation on the Indian economy. Dr.M.I.Junaid Rahman(Manager,Al-Ameen College, Edathala)offered his remarks on the topic and the academic relevance of the subject, Dr.Anita Nair, Principal, Al –Ameen College appreciated the efforts of the department to conduct a seminar on this currently relevant subject on her felicitations..Professor ABDUL HAKEEM, Head of the department of Economics, Al-Ameen College concluded the inaugural session by extending the vote of thanks.
Economics Association was inaugurated by Dr. D.Mavood (Professor, School of Management Studies, CUSAT) on 15/09/2015
Department of Economics has organized a skill development programme on Interview and Group Discussion Techniques on 6/11/2014 at Conference Hall. The resource person was Mr. Antony Richard Jason from New Orbit Ventures .Banglore.The session started at 10.A.M. with the prayer. Prof.Shaniba.M.H. has delivered welcome speech. The resource person started the session by urging the students to set high goals in the life and visualize it in dreams. He told that it is the fear that prevents the growth. Communication skill in English is an important factor which counts competency in the job market. He motivated the students to use English in day to day life without fear and delicacy. He also gave some tips on how to perform in an interview in the best way. The session concluded at 4.30 P.M. with the vote of thanks by Miss.Khadariya Shajahan ,the class representative.
Visit to PRATHYASA BHAVANAM on 01/11/2014
Department of Economics has arranged a visit to Prathyasa Bhavanam-an orphanage situated in Malayidamthuruth, Edathala on Saturday 01/11/2014.Aim of the visit was to create a feeling of compassion for others among our students so that they could extend a helping hand to those who are suppressed ad marginalized in our society. The students were accompanied by Prof.Abdul Hakkeem ,HOD and Prof. Shaniba.M.H. We have purchased grocery and some other items which is necessary for inmates in daily life. We have reached there around 11.30 a.m.We handed over to mrs. who is regarded as the mother of all the kids there .Our students spent more than 2 hours with the children. They played with them and shared their experiences. The children were so happy and our students were so satisfied as they got an opportunity to think about others. We returned by 2.p.m.
Share Market Held On 23/09/2014
The department of economics conducted a seminar on share market on 23/09/2014 at the seminar hall of the college by 11.00 A.M. The programme started with a prayer. Abdul Hakkeem, HOD, Department of economics delivered the presidential address. He gave a brief outline of the theory of stock and share market stressing that the practical operation of stock market is what is needed in the current economic structure of the nation. Shaniba.M.H, Assistant Professor, department of Economics welcomed the gathering. The chief resource person for the seminar was Dr.V.B..Vijayakumar, Investment Strategist, Geojit BNP Paribas .he was assisted by a group of Geojit ,including online trade manager. Geojit BNP Paribas. Is a leading retail financial services company in India .Dr,Vijayakumar started the seminar with the intriguing question- How do I make money investing? Since he is an investment strategist, he provided information on the various investment opportunities in Indian stock markets. He also briefed the students and faculties about the capital market and its various instruments. He explained the terms such as liquidity and profitability in a very simple manner understandable to the students, particularly through his power point presentation, he elaborated on stock market, stocks, shares, securities and stock exchanges. He hinted on BSE, NSE, CSE etc .he forwarded a wide range of investment products and services which will help us to take wise investment decisions. He explained about efficient market hypothesis. He showed the success of entrepreneurs such as Indira Nooyi to prove his theory. At the end of the seminar he did an online trading demo to explain the profitability of investments in different stocks, shares, binds, securities etc at the final phase of his talk he showed the live online trading through Geojit and amassed the audience .students were thrilled to know the actual practical on line trading process and the speed by which its value and volume changes within seconds. He also presented information on Live Stock Price, live share price, historical charts, volume, market capitalization, market performance, reports etc… The programme lasted for two and half hours and invited interactions actively from the students. The vote of thanks was delivered by Reneesha.K.N., Economics association secretary.
Department of economics has organized workshop on personality DEVELOPMENT on TEAM BUILDING on 22/09/2014.The workshop was conducted by Jithu Tharoor and B.Krishna Kumar from Junior Chamber International (JCI). The workshop started with the prayer.Prof.Abdul Hakkeem, HOD OF Economics Department has welcomed the guests. They motivated the students how to face the problem and solve it as a team. The students were divided in to groups and given some tasks .Based on the performance of the students in the groups team leaders were selected. The programme helped to raise confidence level of our students. In the final session students shared their feedback. The workshop ended with the vote of thanks by Reneesha.K.N,the Association Secretary of Dept.of Economics.
Inauguration of Economics Association on 26/08/2014
Formal inauguration of activities Economics Association 2014-15 was held on 26/08/2014 at Seminar Hall. It was inaugurated by Dr.Visakha Varma (Retd. Principal ,Govt College ,Chalakkudy).Prof.Abdul Hakkeem ,HOD welcomed the gathering. In connection with the day an Orientation class on the topic Economics-What, Why And When was given to our students especially for first year degree students. Dr.Visaka Varma explained the importance and opportunities of Economics in this globalised and competitive world. The students raised doubts in the interactive session. The programme ended with the vote of thanks by Reneesha.K.N. Association Secretary.
The Department of Economics has organised a one day national seminar on "GENDER EQUALITY:SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS OF WOMEN IN UNORGANISED SECTOR" at the college seminar hall on 12/03/2014. The inaugural session started by 10.00 AM with the welcome address by Prof. K.M.ABDUL KARIM, Principal, Al –Ameen College,Edathala. He appreciated the department of economics for selecting a very relevant topic which has social and economic dimension. Adv.T.P.M.Ibrahim Khan, Chairman AL-Ameen Educational Trust has delivered the presidential address. Dr. Sheena Shukkur ,Pro-Vice Chancellor, M.G.University Kottayam,inaugurated the seminar formally. She was of the opinion that it is not gender equality ,but we need gender freedom.She stressed the need for high-tech teaching- learning method as it is happening in Western countries. Trustee, Al-Ameen Educational Trust, Prof. Mohammed Thahir and Mr. K.M. Shamsudheen felicitated the function. The inaugural session was formally concluded with the vote of thanks by Prof. ABDUL HAKEEM, Head of the department of Economics, Al-Ameen College. The session started with the presentation by Alice Mani,Professor, Christ College Bangalore University on Status of Women in Unorganised sector.The second technical session was on "Workplace and Gender Justice." The Speaker was eminent advocate from Kozhikode Adv.Anima Muyyarath. Dr.A.B.Aliyar presided over the session. Adv.Anima has shared her bitter experiences as a lady Advocate in the work place. The final session began at 2. P.m. The Speaker for the session was Dr.Martin Patric, Director, Rural Academy for Management Studies, Ernakulum. The valedictory session began at 4.30.P.M.Prof.Shaniba.M.H, Convener, Organising Committee has proposed vote of thanks.
The Department of Economics organised a seminar on "BANKING HABITS AMONG STUDENTS" on 26/11/13 . M.V.RAJU, Assistant General Manager, Muvattupuzha Division of Federal Bank and V.K.VENUGOPAL Chief Manager, Vigilance Department, Federal Bank advocated the Students to take banking habits seriously since it will strengthen our economy and promote the welfare of our society.
Seminar On Consumer Protection Rights Held On 20/11/2013
The Department of Economics organised a seminar on consumer protection rights on 20/11/2013. The resource person was Sukumar Kuttipuzha, Deputy Manager FACT. He is an active environmentalist as well as a writer. He is the co-ordinator of consumer protection forum,Ernakulam District.. According to him, consumer protection council protects the weaker that are unable to take care of themselves.
The Economics Association has organised an orientation class on 4th October 2013 in order to motivate our students. Prof. Kala.N, Dept. of Economics welcomed the gathering. Prof. K M Abdul Karim, Principal, Al Ameen College presided over the meeting. The class "BE THE BEST" was presented by Mrs. Sijimol Jacob, trainer ASAP, Maharajas College, Ernakulam. She motivated students that always try to be the best in all activities of life. The programme ended with the vote of thanks by Prof.Abdul Hakeem ,HOD of Economics Department .
The inauguration of Economics Association was held on 10/09/2013. The chief guest of the function was Dr.Laisa Thomas, Associate Professor, Morning Star Home Science College, Angamaly. Prof. Abdul Hakkeem P.M, H.O.D welcomed the gathering. The meeting was presided over by Prof.Abdul Karim, Principal, Al-Ameen College. Dr.Laisa Thomas has also presented a seminar on "RUPEE DEPRECIATION", the most debating topic in our economy. She cited the reasons for the rupee depreciation. She also explained the consequences and its impacts on our economy. Mr. Shihab P.K, Association Secretary has proposed vote of thanks.
Workshop on Financial Planning Held On 04/04/2013
The department has organised a workshop on "Financial Planning".The resource person was Dr. Tomy Varghese, HOD, Department Of Economics, U.C.College, Aluva. He expalined different options for allocation of income. he stressed "THREE S in our life, Saving, Spending and Sharing.
Class Beautification Contest Held On 13/03/2013
The department conducted a class beautification contest which aims to make students aware of creating clean environment for academic and personal excellence.
Quiz Competition Held On 04/02/2013
The Department conducted a Class wise quiz competition which includes different rounds such as India Today, Indian Economy, Kerala Economy and World Around.
Skill Development Program Held On 13/12/2012
The Department organized a Skill Development Program on "Spoken English".Communicative skill in English was enhanced through this program by Anu Rahim.
National Seminar on "Recent Trends in Foreign Direct Investments" Held On 22/08/2012
The Department of Economics conducted a National Seminar on the topic to analyse the effect and impact of FDI on different sectors in Indian Economy. Dr.Rajan Varghese , Pro- Vice Chancellor , M.G. University , Kottayam inaugurated the seminar.Resource persons for the seminar were Dr. Vijayakumar,Investment Strategist, Gejith, BNP Paribas was the resourse person. He presented a paper on FDI in Retail Sector: Opportunities and Challenges. Dr. Kochurani Joseph, Associate Professor, Bharata Mata College, Thrikkakara.She presented a paper on FDI and IT Sector : Indian Perspective.Dr. N Ajith Kumar,Professor, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore. He presenteda paper on Role of FDI and FII in Indian Capital Market.
Freshers Day Held On 20/07/2012
The Department organized Freshers Day for I year students. The HOD and other faculties reminded the students about the duties and responsibilities as a student and motivated them to be a good and useful citizen for the society.
Inaguration Of Economics Association Held On 19/07/2012
Economics Association had been inagurated elegantly by Dr. Kochurani Joseph, Associate Professor, Bharat Mata College, Thrikkara. She also conducted a seminar on "Current Trends" in the economy such as LPG and Currency Crisis.


Principal Investigator : Mr. ABDUL HAKKEEM P M
Topic : Interest Free Micro Financing - A case Study Of Malappuram District
Start Date : 24-09-2013
Project Amount : Rs. 120000
Project Status : Completed

Principal Investigator : Ms. SHANIBA M H
Topic : Work Life Balance Of Women In Software Industry In Aluva
Start Date : 24-09-2013
Project Amount : Rs. 120000
Project Status : Completed


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