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NATIONAL SEMINAR ON "Nanomaterials-Synthesis And Characterization"on 6th,7th December 2018
Post Graduate Department of Physics in collaboration with International And Inter University Center For Nano science & Nanotechnology (IIUCNN), M.G University, Cosponsored by KSCSTE is organizing NATIONAL SEMINAR ON "Nanomaterials-Synthesis And Ch

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Department of Hindi

The Department of Hindi was established in 1981. It offers Second Language Course for B.A. Economics, B.Sc. Physics and B.Com Taxation Students. Year of establishment of U.G. Course – 1991

Students will have full awareness of the development of Hindi Language in different periods and develop a wide outlook of the social supportive nature of Hindi Language. To familiarize the students with various trends in Hindi Literature.

The Mission of the Course us to provide a general information about Hindi Literature, Hindi being our national Language. To enlighten the mind of the students, the study of Hindi literature is necessary. To generate a systematic view about the possibilities of Hindi Language

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Department Activity Pictures

HINDI ESSAY WRITING Held on 28/11/2014
Department of Hindi conducted "Essay Writing" for students of our college on 28/11/2014 at 10.30 P.M on the topic "Environment".
HINDI POEM WRITING Held on 05/11/2014
Department conducted "Hindi POEM WRITING" for students on 5-11-2014 at 10.30 P.M. The essay writing was held on the topic "SAGAR".
HINDI Extension Programme in "TRANSLATION" Held on 17/12/2013
As a part of Extension activity, Department of HINDI, Al-Ameen college has conducted "Translation Course" in Hindi. The duration of the course was 10 days with total 20 hours. The course started on 17-12-2013. There were five participants from Edathala Panchayath.
Hindi Poem Writing competition Held On 20/11/2013
Department of HINDI conducted Hindi Poem Writing competition on 20-11-2013 on the topic "Bharath Matha"
Hindi Song Competetion Held On 18/11/2013
Department of Hindi conducted Hindi Song Competition on 18-11-2013. 12 students participated in this competition.
"Hindi Essay Competition" Held On 11.11.2013
Hindi department conducted "Hindi Essay Competition" on 11.11.2013 at 12.00 P.M. The competition was held on the topic "Importance Of Library".
Resource Person: DR.SHYAM PRASAD Professor, DBHPS Post Graduate&reacherch center,EKM.
HINDI DEBATE Held on 21/3/2014
Department (Additional Language) conducted a debate on the topic "Relevance of Hindi as national Language" on 21-03-2013 at the seminar hall.
AKSHARA MEHANDI Held on 20/03/2013
Department (Additional Language) conducted an "Akshara Mehandi" programme for I B.Com taxation, I B.Sc. Physics and I B.A. Economics classes on 20-03-2013 at the seminar hall.
HINDI EXHIBITION Held on15/03/2013
Department (Additional Language) conducted an exhibition on 15-03-2013 at the seminar hall. Technical terminological words, information about Hindi poets, authors, Hindi proverbs and other some charts relating with Hindi language and literature were exhibited
QUIZ COMPETITION Held on 13/03/2013
Department of Hindi conducted quiz competition on department wise. FIRST PRIZE: I Bcom Tax

Principal Investigator : Dr. ANGEL C JOHN
Topic : Prabha Khaitan Krith Upanyas Chinnamastha me Chitrith Vibinna Nari Samasyam
Start Date : 28-03-2014
Project Amount : Rs. 112500
Project Status : Completed


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