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Associate Professor (HOD)  
Cini Kurian Kooranthazhathuparambil Edathala North P O Aluva  
Land No.
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M.C.M , M.Phil, Ph.D  
Area of Interest
Speech Recognition  
Teaching Experience
PG - Nil  
UG - 16  
Other Experience
Web Site
"Natural Language Processing in India Prospects and Challanges" Proceedings of the International Conference on “Recent Trends in Computational Science 2008“(ICRTCS-2008), Kochin, India.June 11-June 13
"Speech Recognition of Malayalam Numbers", IEEE Transaction on Nature and Biologically Inspired computing NaBIC-2009, pp 1475-1479
"Isolated Malayalam digit recognition using Support Vector Machines", IEEE Transaction on Communication Control and Computing Technologies (ICCCCT-2010), pp 692 -695
“Automated Transcription System for MalayalamLanguage ” International Journal of Computer Applications(IJCA), ISSN-0975-8887, volume 19- No.5, April 2011
“Malayalam Isolated Digit Recogntion using HMM and PLP Cepstral Coefficient " International Journal of Advanced Information Technology(IJAIT). Volume 1 , No 5, October 2011
“CONTINUOUS SPEECH RECOGNITION SYSTEM FOR MALAYALAM LANGUAGE USING PLP CEPSTRAL COEFFICIENT“ International Journal of Computing and Business Research (IJCBR) ISSN (Online) : 2229-6166 Volume 3 Issue 1 January 2012
"Development & Evaluation of different acoustic models for Malayalam continuousspeech recognition", Procedia Engineering, Volume 30, 2012, Pages 1081-1088, ISSN 1877-7058, 0.1016/j.proeng.2012.01.966.
Professional Affiliation  
Inspection Commission constituted by MG University to assess the facilities available in various colleges applied for new programmes 1
CBCSS syllabus revision committee, M G University, Kottayam Member
Editorial board member in the Journal of International Journal of Information Science and Techniques. Member


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