1. The Principal is the ultimate disciplinary authority in the college.
2. In the interest of the institution and for the sake of discipline, the Principal is entitled to refuse admission to any applicant, to suspend, dismiss or take any other punitive action on any student for his / her misconduct. A Proctorial committee is constituted in the college as per the instruction of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India to curb ragging and other related misconduct in the campus.
3. Misconduct shall include:
a) Staying away from classes without sufficient reason.
b) Disrespectful behavior towards the staff.
c) Provoking students to abstain from classes and participating in strikes in the College.
d) Loitering in the verandahs during free hours and creating disturbance to the classes. (During free hours the students are expected to make use of the library or go to the retiring rooms).
e) Disorderly behavior in the class.
f) Organizing tours without the permission of the Principal.
g) Using mobile phone inside the campus as it is strictly prohibited as per the direction of the Hon. High Court of Kerala.
h) Organizing meetings in the college or displaying notices on the college notice board without the permission of the Principal.
i) Bringing outsiders unnecessarily into the college campus.
j) Distributing leaflets, hand-bills or other printed materials and displaying banners and posters inside the campus.
k) Scribbling offensive, abusive obscene words or figures on black boards, or any kind of writing on the wall or other places in the college.
l) Holding meetings on political basis, as politics is strictly banned in the college campus.
4. Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages and use of narcotic drugs are strictly prohibited. Criminal proceedings will be taken against those found under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs within the campus.
5. Vandalism and destruction of college property will be severely dealt with and material loss will be fully recovered with fine.
6. Students should always carry college identity cards which should be shown to the authorities and to the watchman when demanded.
7. These rules are liable to be amended when found necessary.
Usage of Mobile Phones, Uniform and Identity Card
1. As per GO. RT No. 346/05/H.Edn. dated 01.03.2005, usage of Mobile phones is strictly banned inside the campus. In case of violation, appropriate punishment shall be imposed by the Disciplinary authority against such students. All the teachers of the institution have been given authority to impound mobile phones from the students inside the campus.
2. Students are allowed on the campus only in their full uniforms. They are instructed to wear the prescribed mode of Uniform at all times with in the institution.
3. Separate Identify Cards are provided for each student studying in this Institution. They have to wear their identity cards at all times within the institution.
Prohibition on Political Activity inside the Campus
1. No student of a college shall get himself/herself involved in any Political activity by himself or alibi; the said activity to be carried on by fellow students inside the campus in any manner whatsoever. Any such activity is hereby banned inside the campus.
2. Taking part in any political activity by organizing students or to cause gathering inside the college campus for the purpose of doing any activities as defined in Rule 4(6) shall constitute serious indiscipline. Every member or such a gathering shall be individually liable and responsible for gross indiscipline in this regard and the Principal shall have the power to take disciplinary action against students who indulge in the aforesaid activities.
3. It shall constitute gross indiscipline to call for and appeal to strike, based on policies and ideologies that may be preached by the political parties or their rules.
4. No student of the college shall stage or indulge in any activity like Dharna, Gherao, and obstructing entry to and from any class room, office, hall or other places inside the campus. Such activities shall be treated as misconduct.
5. No student shall shout slogans inside the class rooms, office or any other place inside the campus and obstruct and interfere or cause disturbance and nuisance to the ordinary functioning of the institution. These activities shall be treated as misconduct.
Procedure for Imposition of Punishment
1. The Principal of the college shall be the disciplinary authority in respect of the students of the college.
2. If it comes to the notice of the Principal that a student or a class of students have and they shall be imposed appropriate punishment as provided in committed misconduct as referred to in Rule 5 above and if the Principal is satisfied that there is enough prima facie material in the allegation against the delinquent student, he shall immediately pass an order suspending student/students from the college.
3. If the Principal is satisfied that the delinquency alleged in the complaint requires further investigation/enquiry, he shall report the matter to the College Council. After reporting the matter and after seeking the views of the Council referred to above, the Principal shall appoint a competent teacher / teachers to enquire into the matter and to submit the report immediately.
4. The Enquiry Officer so appointed shall conduct enquiry without delay after gathering oral or written evidence from the complainants as well as the person against whom the allegations/ delinquency were made. The Enquiry Officer also shall give fair and reasonable opportunity to all the parties and shall submit a report to the Principal without unnecessary delay. After the receipt of the report the Principal shall consider it and take appropriate action, as he deems fit, including the imposition of the following punishments.
a) Imposition of fine.
b) Issuance of compulsory transfer certificate.
c) Dismissal from the College.
In the event of imposition of punishment of dismissal or compulsory issuance of transfer certificate, the Principal shall forward the order along with the report to the University.
Prohibition of Damage to Property
The student shall not disfigure the class rooms, compound wall, or other buildings, inside the college campus by pasting posters, or writing on the walls in connection with any activity. They shall not damage or destroy any furniture, equipment and other materials inside the college campus. In the event of any student indulging in any such activities, a fine shall be imposed on him, to be fixed by the Principal of the College after evaluating the extent and magnitude of the damage so caused. The aforesaid imposition of fine is without prejudice to the liability of the delinquent student for prosecution under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code, under the provisions of Prevention of Damage to Public Properties Act. The damage so fixed by the Principal shall be recovered as arrears of land revenue and in the event of nonpayment, recovery proceedings shall be taken against the person responsible.
Students' Grievance Redressal Forum
In every college there shall be a Students' Grievance Redressal Forum constituted by the Principal. The Chairman of the said committee shall be the Principal. The committee shall consist of three teachers nominated by the College Council, of whom one shall be a lady teacher. The Chairman of the College Union as well as the Secretary shall be ex-officio members of the said committee. The committee shall meet once every month and evaluate the steps taken or frame guidelines or general instructions or directions for the maintenance of peaceful atmosphere in the campus. The Committee shall generally discuss the various basic problems of the students and any unhealthy relationship between the students and teachers or students and non-teaching staff of the college, and suggest and implement remedial measures.
Right to Appeal
A student, against whom disciplinary order has been passed, shall have a right to appeal to the Board of Adjudication of Students' Grievances as provided in Chapter 27 of Mahatma Gandhi University Statute 1997.

The appellate authority shall have the power to set aside, modify or cancel the order, provided the appeal is found to be genuine and filed within the period of 30 days from the date of receipt of the order.

The appellate authority shall also have the power to condone the delay in filing the appeal, if it is proved to the satisfaction of the appellate authority by the appellant that he was prevented by sufficient cause from referring the appeal within the time.
Kerala Ragging Prohibition Act - 1998
Anti Ragging Committee and Anti - Ragging Squad are functioning in this college to prevent ragging activities in this college. This committee extends an awareness programme for all freshers in this college every year.

The Kerala State government, taking serious note of the grievances related to ragging in educational institutions, has instituted the 'Kerala Prohibition of Ragging Act - 1998'.
1. 'Ragging' has been defined in the Act as doing any act, by disorderly conduct, to a student of an educational institution, which causes or is likely to cause physical or psychological harm, or raising apprehension, or fear, or shame or embarrassment of that student.
2. Ragging includes:
a) Teasing, abusing or playing practical jokes on, or causing hurt to that student.
b) Asking a student to do any act or perform something which the student will not, in the ordinary course, willingly do.
c) Punishment for the offender - The act provides for penalty, suspension and /or dismissal of the student offender.
d) Ragging within or without any educational institution is prohibited under this Act. Ragging is now characterized as physical torture with a sadistic tendency and sexual perversion that has crossed the bounds of decency and entered the arena of physical and mental torture.
e) Under the Kerala Ragging Prohibition Act not only those who indulge in ragging but also those who directly or indirectly aid and / or abet it have also to be penalized.
f) Friends / relatives of persons involved in ragging offences who attempt to save the culprits are as much guilty of ragging as the main offenders.
g) The names and databases of witnesses giving infotrmation will be kept confidential in all cases.

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