Library Rules

The staff and students of the college are entitled to use the Library.
The library is open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm on all working days.
Members on entering should record their details in the Gate Register. Students must submit their identity card when entering the library.
Silence must be observed in the library. Combined study as well as group discussions are prohibited in the library. Mobile Phones are banned from the library.
Members are not allowed to bring personal belongings into the library. Adequate storage space has been provided at the entrance to the library.
Staff members can borrow a maximum of 10 books at a time. Post graduate students are issued a maximum of 5 books at a time while undergraduate students can borrow a maximum of 2 books at a time.
Books from the reference section cannot be taken outside the Library.
Members shall not keep a book for more than a fortnight. If the book is not returned before its due date, a fine of Rs.1/- per book per day including holidays will be levied. A document issued may be renewed once, provided it has not been reserved by someone else.
Members are not allowed to Sub-Lend the books of the Library.
Staff and students must return all books on or before 31st March each year.

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